November 10, 2013

Yay! Two posts today!

My boyfriend and I had a lovely stroll through heavy autumn weather. At first I was a bit too warm in my fur coat but within no time the temperature dropped rapidly and it started to rain cats and dogs. We hid at a medieval tower (de droge nap tower) in my hometown and Ben took some photos of me. Consider them as a small outfit post. The coat is already introduced in a previous post but the rest isn't, I believe!

Most of what I wear on these photos is fleamarket loot! I am still deeply in love with my 1930s puff box patterned knitted purse with celluloid frame, decorated with peacocks. And it was quite a steal, too! The hat is 1940s and I don't really wear it thát much. Perhaps I should, as I've been told that the color suits me! I sure love the color burgundy! The gloves I am wearing; I have no idea how old those are (but they are not vintage I believe) and they are a bit too big. I have teeny tiny hands; most gloves don't fit me! The shoes I am wearing are forties too. They belonged to my friend Jip once but she decided to get rid of them, and because we have the same size I was more than willingly to let her pass them on to me. They aren't in the best condition anymore but they function good enough as walking shoes.

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  1. You look absolutely stunning! I think it is so wonderful that no matter where you go you always look so delightfully glamorous. And yes, the colour of you hat really does suit you too - lovely!

  2. Gorgeous ensemble! I love how the multi-coloured threads in that great handbag make me think of autumn's kaleidoscopic colour palette, and thus makes it (the bag) suit this great cold weather outfit all the more.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I agree with you Jessica! Those colors always cheer me up, yet I don't use it often as it has little space for áll the things I carry along! But it's sure pretty!

  3. Gorgeous photos! You look very nice and charming. Everything fits very well. And I love the knitted purse! I've been thinking of knitting one similar to this of yours, but I need to find a nice handle. Yours so pretty! I also love the contrast of burgundy hat together with your beautiful hair and eyes, gorgeous!

    And how lucky that your friend passed that shoes to you! So nice of her :-)

    Lindsay Lane, you turn the view even more rich and lively!

    Beta x

    1. Thank you ever so!

      I believe there are quite a few patterns out there on how to make these bags! These were common bags for housewifes to make and the frames are for sale aswell!


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