(Another) 10 things you did not know about me #4

November 22, 2013

Whilst being ill - yep the weather got me down and I facepalm myself for not getting my flu vaccin this year  - I was looking around being a little bit bored. I had a medical examination quite early in the morning (I lack alot of vitamins thus I need to take some prescribed vitamins and Campral (you can find out for yourself what that is) and had the rest of the day to myself. I was pondering and pondering what to write for this blog and suddenly it struck me that the '10 things you don't know about me' is quite a popular topic on my blog and I always enjoy writing them. Although, ofcourse, it's more and more a challenge to find things you do, indeed, not know about me.

Let's see!

1. I am thoroughly addicted to the main theme of Game of Thrones; something about the cello in that piece of intro music strikes a chord with me, everytime again, which makes it that the song is a zillionth times on repeat (imagine a 1930s timewarp house with a GoT intro playing heehee). I am addicted to Game of Thrones itself aswell, by the way, although I think they could've have toned down the sex scenes a bit. It was toooo graphic for my taste, but hey ho that's HBO! Anyway it's the intro music that does it! The cello is, together with the violin, one of my favorite instruments. My boyfriend can play them both (and he can also play both of the instruments on his accoustic guitar alone - yes he's very gifted on the music area) and he tries to teach me. Anyway, listen to the cello: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iN8PKcNGcuI. Goosebumps!

2. I don't have my drivers license and I am reluctant to get it. There's a reason for that! I am terrified when I am in the passengers seat next to a stranger on the highway! There's also a numerous reasons for me being afraid of strangers in cars but let me explain the simplest; when I was going on vacation we took a night cab ( a van actually ) from the airport Schiphol. The driver probably worked nightshift and picked us (and other people that needed to get their plane) up at 04.00 in the morning and on the highway he fell asleep whilst driving 110 mph in a tunnel which had a loop. Whatever we tried to do and say (and people even asked to take over the wheel ) he refused to let someone else drive. Constantly I saw the crash barrier come closer and I coughed or played the tune of my cellphone so to wake him up. I kissed the ground when I arrived safely (not being able to walk though because of heavy trembling) on the airport grounds. My mother also still has nightmares of this and it happened somewhere in 2006. I do want to get my drivers license next year! And hopefully Ben and I will be driving around in our favorite car of all time: Citroën Traction avant from the 1930s ofcourse. (We don't like cars in general, only that one).

3. My boyfriend is a severe Star Wars fan just like everyone else and their mother. But I haven't seen a bit of the old nor new films. I do know Darth Vader; 9Gag jokes teached me. But no, never seen any movie of Star wars in my entire 26 y/o existence. Not even the fact one of my favorite actors (Ewan McGregor) plays in it helped me watch it. Wasn't he Obi-Wan Kenobi?

4. I am one that talks to her animals in that weird high voice. Yep. Next.

5. I have, in my tiny body, alot of physical strength. Once, I have bruised the ribs of a (male) classmate whilst practicing our martial arts tricks. I threw him over my shoulder and that was it! The next day when I saw him again in class I forgot about the incident and that his ribs were bruised and I punched him as sort of a friendly gesture (we were the best of friends) in his stomach saying 'Hey mate' (I know, I wasn't a lady back then). It made matters a tad worse but he never got angry of me. Ardi, if you read this (I never said it before) but ... I am deeply sorry!

6. My favorite love story of all time, ever since a child, is Wuthering Heights. Not only my favorite -Emily Brönte- novel but also my favorite film ( the 1939 version that is). Every time it was on t.v I had to watch it. I can sync the whole movie back and forth. Ironically it was not my first old film on dvd.

7. When I grew up I always said: I am going to be Scarlett 'O Hara. Now I say: I want to be Vivien Leigh.

8. I have three different handwritings ( I should commit fraud! ...Joke!)

9.  When I was little I was deeply in love with Edward Scissorhands. Not because it was Johnny Depp but the man with the scissored hands intrigued me. However, when night fell I was in terror and couldn't sleep; afraid he might haunt me and mutilate me with his 'hands'. But then when daytime arrived I suddenly liked him again.

10. I was afraid of railroads until my 10th. I have no idea where it came from and it vanished all by itself.

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  1. Fascinating, terrific list of facts about yourself, dear gal. I've enjoyed all of your posts like this so much! Very true, it does become trickier to put together (previously undisclosed) lists of facts about yourself the longer you blog. I like thee challenge though and find that about a year's time or so usually gives me long enough to come up with a new one (which is good, because many of the blog awards people share and pass along centre around such lists and I do try to play along with most of the blog awards that I receive).

    Wishing you a joyful weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. It's so much fun to read these "10 things you didn't know about me" lists. I love them...is like sitting comfy with a nice cup of tea and listening to a friend telling about her. Like a nice and pleasant conversation!

    Thank you so much to share with us these wonderful particularities that's makes who you are :-)



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