An outfit post ... at last!

November 06, 2013

I realised that it has been too long since I posted outfit photos. Granted, I was buzy and I didn't made big purchases wardrobe-wise, so what was there to photograph and write about!? I bought shoes at the most! Always shoes and they usually end up at just my Instagram page! Now, this outfit post isn't very interesting either but hey, atleast there is one!

I have also dyed my hair; I have been in dilemma eversince midsummer to dye my hair a deep brown. Then I was in doubt cause I also wanted it auburn - Rita Hayworth like. In the end I kept it blonde and didn't dye my hair for a while nor cut it. But last week it was time to do something about my blonde dead-ish mane and I cut it (geez, it was too long and having my old length back feels so much better! For those who want to know; my hair is alittle-above-the-shoulder-lengthat the moment ), and had a fresh hairdye; icy blonde! I feel reborn. It's funny what a bit of change and refreshment can do for one.

Anyway, I am taking it a step further and I bought DIY hairdye as I want to create a Jean Harlow platina blonde without a yellow tone. Pretty different from the deep brown and auburn I wanted in the first place!

My hair is a bit on the wild side on the photos but these are leftover curls from yesterday. The coat is, as you probably already saw, real fur but it's 80 years old. I have explained myself on the fur area before on my blog (but somehow I can't find it); that I never, néver will wear freshly killed, modern fur! However, even though the fur is old, I don't wear it with a blank conscious. I always feel rather guilty. I take old furs home with me to take good care of it and give it a good home rather than the fur ending in the wrong hands. 

The coat is mink; I found it in a Brocante shop that sells stuff that isn't newer than the 1950s. The shop is across the street and we are to be found there alót. Usually I avoid Brocante shops but they said that they called it a Brocante shop as that attracts people and sells the stuff quicker. Clever! 

The beret I am wearing is just a modern one that I have for years now, and the shoes are from the 1940s and those I found in a vintage shop called 'Tut&Hola' in the 9 streets of Amsterdam. The purse is from the 1930s and found it in a vintage shop in Zutphen (I forgot the name). It's my favorite purse by the way .

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  1. wow you are gorgeous!And yes , I love those shoes and your new hair color!

  2. Oh, you're such an inspiration Lindsay Lane! :-)
    Your new colour hair really suits you and I absolute love the shoes and the lovely purse.
    I bet even the trees suspired when you walked by!

    I wish I had shops here in Portugal where I could find such treasures too. But the only things I've got from my favourite era (late 30's and beginning 40's) are the garments I knit from old knitting recipes. Online, are very expensive. But one day I'll be able to purchase something. Till then I will quite happily see your beautiful outfits and rejoice with you! ;-)

    Beta xx

    1. You are so kind Miss Beta! Thank you ever so for your lovely words and, I would love to see you rejoice! It's quite rare in the Netherlands to find era perfect items so I am happy like a little child when I do find it!

  3. In mijn blogpost "schatzoeken" heb ik goede tip voor je als je keer in Haarlem bent.

    Je haar is echt stoer en vrouwelijk, waar ik ook van hou, je stijl is gaaf !

    Leuk als je keer bij mijn blog komt kijken, X Emma

  4. Oh je volgt mij ! wat leuk, heb nog erg weinig volgers...

  5. How timelessly, elegantly gorgeous. I love the rich, warm cocoa hued fur collar nestled up near your vivid blonde locks. Strikingly beautiful combination!

    ♥ Jessica


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