1920s shoes

November 27, 2013

Gems between all the rubbish ...

Today I received my marvelous 1920s Mary Janes in the mail. I found them on the Dutch equivalent of Ebay. Usually they sell an aweful bunch of 'vintage' - usually just second hand clothing which is tagged Vintage - but every now and then there's a gem between all the rubbish. These shoes are in a great condition considering their age. The woman who sold them was thinking of them as a display piece and didn't mention a shoesize ... well I thought a tad different about the shoes as being a display part for Brocante homes (considering I always wear and use authentic clothing and stuff; no repro for me) and asked what size it was, cause I was really going to wear them; my heart skipped a beat when I received feedback they were in my size. When I opened the package I was like a little kid opening a Christmas present; I felt the need to do the Charleston right away!

Aren't they divine?

These are, together with another pair of snakeskin 1920s pumps, the oldest pair of shoes I own. It was not uncommon in the 1930s to walk on shoes that were from the 1920s due to the Great Depression; people being poor and not able to buy new clothing. I will treasure these shoes and walk carefully on them. Oh, I am in heaven! And there's another pair on the way, from the 1930s, which remind me of Jean Harlow! I cannot wait ...! 

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  1. Wat een mooie schoenen zeg! Dat van ''vintage'' klopt, het zijn dan vaak kleren uit de jaren '80 /'90 niet echt vintage te noemen..

    1. Klopt helemaal! Vaak zijn het ook schoenen uit deze tijd die dan een vintage look hebben. Ik ben al zo ver dat ik van een afstandje al kan zien wat écht oud is en wat niet.

      Deze stond in de rubriek 'antiek'. Daar kijk ik eerst altijd even!

  2. I'm totally in love for those fantastic shoes...pure love!

  3. I love the beautiful details on your shoes! What amazing treasure and well preserved for its age.


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