Silver screen daydream

October 08, 2013

It's time to leave the stage
In this theatre of pain
To let go of all the rage
When all scenes have been played

The final act concluded
The curtain falls for one last time
And outside the crowed still cheers
There'll be no encore this time

Weep away all your tears my friend
We will meet again someday
But this time, there'll be an end
To this play I called my life

Leaving the stage, smash the mask
An actor dead, a human being
On the ground, a final gasp
The doors are opened wide

The air perforated by the rain
Outsied is conquered silently
By a soul who's free of pain
The actor left the stage
                                               - L'ame Immortelle - Dead actors requiem

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  1. Breathtaking!
    Your face looks picture-perfect, dear.
    Is there a way to share how you did your eye makeup?


    1. Thanks so much hun!
      I didn't do my makeup very different as usual. I have explained it step by step here:

      But only here I added a line underneath my eye and used a highlight pencil for the inner and outer corner of the eye. Soon I'll explain step by step my 1930s makeup pattern/look.


  2. Such gripping, soulfully beautiful words to partner with these beguiling B&W portraits. You are a vision of timeless loveliness, dear Lindsay.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. It's a song I adore for such a long time. An eerie song, hauntingly beautiful. Thank you so much for your wonderful compliment. That really makes this rainy day much brighter!

  3. Your photos always take my breath away, I love seeing your portraits!

    1. You are really too kind darling! Thanks so much!!


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