Our interview in the newspaper 'Contact'.

October 10, 2013

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Two posts in one day! That's been a long time ago that that happened! But I couldn't wait sharing this: a couple of months ago, Ben and I were approached by a lovely lady who asked if she could interview us for the newspaper she's working for; Contact. Ben and I agreed and after a couple of months waiting the article is finally published! I really liked it. Most journalists tend to mock with you which I see happening with my fellow nostalgic friends now and then. I never experienced it, gladly!

Our house, sadly, doesn't give you that timewarp thirties vibe on the attached photo, because we don't live here that long yet. But in the meantime alot is changed around our house! We can't do much with this apartment as it's a rental apartment and we are actually already searching for a new house that we can decorate to our own likes. That means; modern kitchen out and hello old kitchen! We are also looking for a house where we can paint the walls; white walls meant poverty in the thirties. We are looking for a house with a garden but we both agree that we want to stay in Zutphen. But oh I would miss our view ánd the majestic bakery oven behind us on the photo when we move!

Anyway; for those who cannot get themselves a copy, the article is also published online (written in dutch, sorry), and you can find it *here*.

This was our house six months ago when the journalist visited us.

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  1. Wat een leuk stukje! Ik zag recent ook die aflevering van BNN, ik vond Filemon wel heel oprecht aardig en geïnteresseerd overkomen, voelde dat voor jou ook zo?

    1. Hoi Renée, jazeker weten! Ik was een beetje huiverig voor Filemon omdat ik bekend ben met zijn reputatie maar hij was erg enthousiast! Mijnheer Davids is hem zelfs nog eens in Amsterdam tegen het lijf gelopen en Filemon benadrukte nog eens dat hij het erg leuk vond! Pfew!

  2. Congratulations! That is a lovely photo of you both! I'm glad the reporter was respectful, I have seen quite a few times where people who are interested in vintage fashion and lifestyle have been interviewed and made to look like bad people.

  3. My dear,
    Congratulations on being featured in a magazine.
    I can honestly say: every time I see one of the Vintage Ladies who's blog I follow achieve something I feel such joy, like I've done it myself! :)
    Goodluck on finding the perfect home to call your own.

    Big hug!

  4. So cute, love the chairs!

    Love the photography!


    Nienq | Check out my latest outfitpost, it's vintage!

  5. That is so terrifically exciting! Happiest congrats to you both! I love that there's a newspaper in your country that's keen to feature vintage loving folks in a positive light (the world needs lots more publications like Contact!).

    ♥ Jessica


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