My 1930s makeup routine step by step

October 12, 2013

Not too long ago I made a blogpost on how I do my makeup the 1940s way! You can find it *here* in case you missed it. I promised you to show you step by step with face charts how I do my my 1930s makeup routine aswell.

There we go!

Before I begin with makeup I first work on my eyebrows. I have eyebrows on the thin side with a natural 1940s shape. But when I 'go' 1930s I need to thin them a bit more. The thin and drawn eyebrows were a trademark of the 1930s. So I start by plucking them. I then apply foundation, the same as my 1940s one which is the Maybelline Fit Me no. 115 Ivory. I have a fair skin; some even say it looks like I am transparent, so this is the best option for me. For an evening out or photoshoots/telvision appearances I apply a darker shade which is the Maybelline Fit Me no. 120 classic Ivory. The 'Gardenia' complexion (white and waxen) or Tea Rose (ivory with a touch of pink) were popular face foundation colors in the early 1930s.

Like I always do to apply liquid foundation, and to give it the best covering look, I break makeup sponges in half and apply foundation on the roughest edge and with a stippling technique I apply it onto my face. It gives a natural look.

I then  brush my eyebrows clean and color in a very dark brown color and I also elongate them towards the temples ala Jean Harlow (click for a perfect example of Miss Harlow's eyebrows). In the 1930s a very thin eyebrow was enormously popular and a trademark of the 1930s. Some of the women even shaved them off entirely, but I would not recommend that to you as in some cases the eyebrow does not come back in it's natural shape or it might not come back at all. Lana Turner is a perfect example of that! So I pluck them as thin as possible. It was also popular to give the eyebrow a shiny look, and to create that I use the old trick like they did back then; dress them with petroleum jelly! In the 1930s, olive oil and brillantine were used aswell to achieve that shiny look. I dip a cotton swab in the petroleum jelly and apply it onto my eyebrows.

I then apply a green eyeshadow as I am a blonde with green eyes. I use the color Maybelline Eyestudio Mono Eyeshadow Intense Green 540. And I apply this also in the crease of the eye. I smudge it slightly to give it a deep set effect. 

I finish with a black mascara. Unlike the 1940s makeup I dó apply a darker line on my lower eyelid and I (very lightly) apply some mascara on my lower eyelashes.

For a rouge I use  Maybelline New York Dream Bouncy Blush, Plum Wine. Rouge colors popular in the 1930s were raspberry, yellow reds or purple reds. Most of the time I use powder on top of the rouge to keep a natural glow.

I shape my lips in a rosebud mouth and use a dark lipstick color. I use Art Deco coquette red no. 422

And that's it! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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  1. Your make always looks so flawlessly beautiful. You have a natural skill for the art, my dear. Thank you for sharing this detailed guide to how you achieve your 1930s face with us. I really enjoyed it.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. You look stunning. Thanks for the tutorial^^

  3. I said it before, and I'll say it again: you look amazing, darling.
    Your face is flawless (and I envy you on your face-shape - all hairstyles look great on you!)



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