10 things you did not know about me! #3

October 21, 2013

I have no inspiration for (informative) posts lately, so why not throw in another '10 things you did not know about me'!? Compare me to pandora's box; there are still a lot of things you just don't know about me!

  • I am not an evening person at all! I am, wholeheartedly, a morning person. I can enjoy waking up early whilst birds are twittering cheerfully, and waking up to a morning filled with the smell of fresh coffee. I really look forward to my first cup of coffee. Every day. It's in the little things folks!
  • Most people can take power/beauty naps or siësta's, but I can't. Even when I am tired I cannót lay down in daytime. I am too energetic (even whilst being tired) and I want to know simply what's happening around me which makes it so that I cannot grab rest in the day time.
  • When I was a youngster I was always a dog-person but throughout the years I became an avid cat person at heart. I am just addicted to cats, really! I still love dogs though, don't get me wrong.
  • I have had a period in my life where I devoured Harlequin enterprises (especially castle novels)! *Gasp*!
  • I had an Indomie noodle addiction when I was 23; I ate them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I got sick (dûh) with stomach ache and all due to it's spicy flavor and it was hard to get rid of the addiction.
  • When I was in puberty I was a loose cannon. I was all over the place and I was especially very rebellious (as you are in that time, but me a tad worse than others), I swore like a sailor and fought like a man. I was a big problem for everyone in my environment. When I turned 18 I made a huge character change and I became very mousy. I am somewhere in-between now.
  • I love componists such as Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Shostakovich, etc. I find great pleasure in pouring a glass of whiskey, dim the lights and lit the candles and sit comfortably in a chair with my eyes closed whilst listening to the above mentioned componists. But I also like Opera, Soprano and Tenors. When there's a storm outside it makes the described picture even better.
  • I have a hate-love affair with painting. I love to do it and find much pleasure when the result is finished. But while doing it, it frustrates me. I grew up with my grandfather being an art painter aswell as my dad in between his working hours at the army base. I have a natural talent for painting but I don't use it as much as I should. That's because the frustration it gives me when doing it. Same counts for drawing.
  • I hate clowns; porcelain clowns, people dressed up as clowns, clini-clowns, IT, John Wayne Gacy ...
  • I tend to be on the paranoid side; always checking the room or public toilets for cameras!

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  1. I didn't want this fascinating post to end, nor did I with its predecessors. You're a wonderfully interesting, dynamic person and it's always a pleasure to learn more about you, sweet Lindsay.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I can't power nap either - if I can even manage to fall asleep at all, they just leave me ten times more groggy and wiped out than before I closed my eyes.

    1. Thank you so much lovely Jessica! What a wonderful comment to read on get this morning!
      And yes, when I do fall asleep at daytime it makes me, too, more wiped out than before the nap!

  2. Oh my Gosh! I can relate to each of the 10 things you wrote about you. Some of them made me laugh because now I could see things through a different perspective and can be very funny. Thank you to share this to all of us! It's amazing how sometimes people are so different on a physical and in a culture way, but if you undress all of that superficial things, souls can approach so closely.

    I found your blog not too long ago. And although I follow many blogs, I usually read them way too fast (to be sincere I look at the pictures mostly). But you came to change that. I eat your words, your images and delight myself in a wonderful travel. You are so beautiful and you dress in a such glamour, yet so natural at the same time. But what makes you so special is your soul and what comes right from your inner heart. You were born to shine girl! Don't forget it.

    I never write and take me a lot of courage to post this comment.
    But I didn't want to keep that words just for me, even if is hard to write in foreign! ;-)

    And I wish I had courage to have a blog too. But I'm not that interesting.
    But you are an inspiration! I'll be happy to read yours :-)

    Thank you Lindsay,
    thank you so much.


    PS - My Google account is a link for a empty blog. The only thing online I have is a tiny shop at Etsy called MissBetaKnits).

    1. Miss Beta, thank you so much for these kind words. I really appreciate and will treasure them! They made me so happy when I read them!

      I always think that humor is the best medicine for alot of things, therefore I try to look at the bright and funny side of most things. And yes, it amazes me to how a soul can approach so closely. It's a beautiful something, really.

      I am glad you took the courage to write me these words, cause it took me a while took have the courage and write about personal stuff. People like you make it worthwhile to do so and make me happy that I took that choice! So thank yóu!

      Hopefully you will start a blog cause I do believe that you are very interesting, too!

  3. It is really so funny to read these posts... I sit all the time & smile & think... "this is totally like me" (e.g. not taking naps, being a youth rebellion, loving the great composers), but also ... "this is totally not like me" (e.g. being an early morning person, disliking clowns).

    It's so interesting & amusing to see how likes & dislikes, habits & non-habits combine differently in different people.

  4. Reading this post made me realize we have quite the number of things in common, dear:
    1. I can't possibly stay up long. But, I can get up in 4:00 AM.
    2. Afternoon nap is something I've tried over and over, but I simply can't do it.
    3. Harlequin enterprises... ehmm.. yes, me too. :)
    4. As a kid, I used to believe in absolute gender equality, and I threw a fist at anyone who claimed I'm JUST a girl. Now, like yourself, I calmed down (well.. I no longer throw punches) :)
    and 5. I share you HATE towards all thing CLOWN-related!



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