Fashion inspiration for the colder days

September 16, 2013

If you live in Europe -and especially in the Netherlands- it couldn't have escaped you that autumn is starting to make it's appearance. I really like fall due to it's colors and it always instigates my need for a healthy walk in the forests or parcs. I thought summer was a bit on the short side as usual but I am looking forward to autumn, really. Last year I invested big time in an autumn wardrobe and am excited to pull it out of the closet again and even expand it. This fall is even more exciting for me since I live in another city after spending my 26 years in the same old boring and ugly place; Apeldoorn. Zutphen won my heart and it's a city that breathes a Charles Dickens atmosphere (if you forget about the people walking outside with their white leggings and gold studded uggs). Can you imagine why I look forward to spend autumn and winter here? I cannot wait to see what it looks like when snow falls. The old medieval and victorian houses and buildings, the towers and churches covered with a thick layer of snow! And what about the Wijnhuis tower with it's authentic bells ringing? That even stirred up some Christmas feelings in the heat of bloody summer!

Anyway, I tried to postpone turning on the heater as long as possible but I gave in quicker than I hoped. Yeahm I am a chilly person; it's still officially summer and I have turned up the heater! But looking outside; the wind (that sounds like a ghost woo-ing through our house as if it's Wuthering Heights), the rain ticking against the windows, the leaves of the trees in front of our apartment are getting autumn shades, the shivers down your spine in the morning when you walk into the living room because you set the windows ajar for fresh air the night before, dark skies and here and there a sunbeam that is trying to break through in the afternoon... that all screams autumn to me! When I look outside, I already see people wear their wintercoats, boots, and I even saw someone with a shawl! Not to mention that the supermarkets are already selling pepernoten (peppernuts; a Dutch confectionary for our traditional dutch holiday that is celebrated on the 5th of December).

So with all this; it's not so weird that I was already focusing on what I will wear these cold upcoming months! Gone are the novelty printed frocks, gone are the peeptoed sandals and gone are the hairflowers. Say hello to woolen autumn toned dresses, suits, winterboots, oxfords and felt hats! Oh, and seamed stockings ofcourse! This year I want to focus on the colors of navy blue, burgundy and moss-green, astrakhan fur details for wintercoats, and ankle boots with a low heel! To keep the cheery spirit of warmer days, I'd like to add colors like powder blue for example, in scarves, hats or gloves. But I'll be wearing alot of browns and blacks, too!

Are you already preparing for the colder days?

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