1930s kitchenware

September 26, 2013

Joechei! We finally received our 1930s kitchenware from Ebay! I am in heaven especially because it has that typical green color that was popular in the thirties and it therefore fits our other 1930s kitchen items like enamel bowls and our enamel measuring cup. I am enthralled doubly cause this set even has the icescoop and those are so rare to find. A pure coincident is that Ben and I found an apple corer on a fleamarket last week which fits so well with these kitchen items.

The items are definitely aged by time and that's another reason why I love it to death. As you might know, Ben and I are only cooking from 1930s and 40s cookbooks and the ration diet book only. Many recipes just call for authentic kitchenware which we didn't had yet. But now we do and I can't wait to use it. Today I will make Rosemary bread with an olive dip (I hope it'll work out as this will be the first time that I'll make bread the authentic way). When it does work out, the recipe can be found at my food blog The Wartime (ration) diet. I have a new SRL camera (the Canon EOS 1100D) since recently and I have been playing alittle with it and those photos can also be found on my food blog. Photographing food is always been a big hobby of me, I find it so relaxing to do so. If you like food, authentic (wartime) recipes and food photography, then make sure to follow my wartime food blog. I would love to see you there!

I am struck down by influenza pretty badly! I felt it coming for quite a while actually but never took any precaution to prevent it. Ben, ever so romantic, brought me two lovely boucquets of soft yellow flowers. Our house, and me, are much more brightened!

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  1. Those kitchen items are a beautiful vintage detail , love it!

  2. It's so terrifically pretty! I love that, though worn away a bit by the sands of time, the green on these piece still pops and shines with such vibrancy. This is a truly lovely collection you found on eBay - congrats and enjoy! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  3. thats is nice vintage kitchen tools. i want some too

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