10 things you did not know about me! #2

September 01, 2013

I have done a post on this subject before and I noticed that many of you liked it and could relate to. So why not a part 2?! I really have to think, though, about things that are interesting around my persona to share with you and what isn't. But hopefully I figured it out, so here goes!
  • From (I believe) my 11th I was thoroughly interested in everything that had to do with serial killers. Not that I liked what they did, obviously, but I was interested in the psychology behind it (I still am, for that matter) ! I knew alot about serial killers and became highly interested in criminology and because of this I created a high dose of inside into character. I always wanted to become a profiler for a living but unfortunately never made it - as I just never tried. I must say that being a profiler in the Netherlands wouldn't be half as interesting as being a profiler in, e.g, the United States. My inside into character never deserts me and I can - with only one look at a person - make a full profile of him/her and 90% be spot on.
  • Speaking about jobs; I always had a preference for not-so-daily-jobs! I also wanted to become a fighter aircraft pilot (F-16) but, due to asthma, it was a big no-go. That really got me down for a long time. I ended up by doing an education as a security guard, passed all the exams, and my favorite of all the courses in school was 'working within the law'. For a short time I worked as a warden in jail. Eventually I became a professional historical figurant and nostalgic model. It's quite the opposite, no? I do miss the excitement that the life of a security guard/warden can give! 
  • I suffer dyscalculia. And quite bad, too! Anything with digits is like an unknown language to me!
  • Ok. This sounds really childish, I know, but still I am going to confess it! I hate the dark! Even though I used to be a night owl (going to bed late, getting the best creative ideas while up at night etcetera ...) I really don't like the dark and it actually scares me. Not that I think there are monsters lurking for me under my bed or in the closet... but still! It scares me.
  • I hate crowds. I hate spots where there are too many people. I am what you can call 'an einzelganger'. I like to be on my own ... and you know; communicating with other people is a pretty though thing for me to do.
  • I am addicted to shooters and fighter games ... but most of áll: World of Warcraft! I play it for 6 years already. I never quit playing eversince and it still doesn't bore me! But ofcourse I play a blood elf! Which girl doesn't?! (Oh, and if you play too: find me on Nimwën (hunter) or Nímue (mage) on Shattered Halls - European server - and do come say hi and give me loads of gold haha!)
  • I love áll animals wholeheartedly, but the only animal I cannot stand, is the monkey. They remind me too much of humans. Ironically enough; the first word I said as a baby wasn't mama or papa (mommy or daddy) but 'aap'. The Dutch word for 'monkey'.
  • I am afraid of fire. Yep. For example: in my former home I had to cook on gass. And litting that with a lighter made me look like a joke; as if I was poking something scary with my finger. Although I hate (really HATE) the modern kitchen in my current home; I am - very secretly - happy that it has an induction cooker.
  • I have a reeeeaaaally weak spot for English/Scottish/Irish/Geordie accents.
  • When it's late at night, and I had a glass of wine, I really go wild by playbacking songs as if I am giving a performance. Yep. *cough*.
Ahh. Frizzy hair galore.

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  1. I don't like monkeys or apes for the same reason!

  2. This was very fun to read Miss Lindsay Lane and you look just beautiful in this pictures. I found it so interesting that you had so many career interests that seem so different to being professional historical figurant and nostalgic model. I'm actually quite frightened of fire as well. Or anything hot really. I panic each time I use the oven haha!

  3. Mijn vriend is ook erg geïnteresseerd in de psyche van seriemoordenaars. Ikzelf moet er niet zoveel van hebben.

    Ik ben ook echt een einzelganger. Sociale contacten kosten me erg veel stress en energie.

  4. 2 things I can relate: I suffer from asthma too, and I love to play shooters games too. Although I usually play Call of Duty.

  5. You're such an awesome, interesting lady, dear gal! I loved getting to know even more about you, including that we both share a fear of fire. I'm not afraid of fire per se, so long as it's safely contained, it's more burning to death which I'm afraid of. My mother is too, and it doesn't take a psychologist to see that I inherited this particular fear from her.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Part 2 is great, dear.
    This one: "For a short time I worked as a warden in jail" - I'd NEVER guess that. :) You are indeed an interesting person.


  7. What a surprising and amusing list of confessions :-)
    I really understand your 'momkeyphopbia' – meeting one is a bit like seeing oneself in one of the twisted mirrors in an entertainment house.

  8. When I was younger, crowds didn't bother me. But now I can't stand them! Even if I'm in a crowded store, I have an overwhelming urge to get out as soon as possible. I think I am becoming more introverted the older I get. :)


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