The turban

August 17, 2013

A couple of months ago I bought a chocolate brown turban hat after seeing a photo of Jean Harlow wearing a turban inspired hat. A black one. This goes very well with the dark colors of the colder seasons of the year ánd platina hair. I imagined it would look good with my 1930s astrakhan coat. Unfortunately I couldn't find a black one so the brown one would do for now. Unfortunately it's not a vintage one, but it was fine by me and decided to buy it. I know it would look lovely and also very chique when it's autumn in combination with the earthy tones of my autumn wardrobe. I am searching for a perfect diamanté brooch to attach to it for, e.g, evening parties. Turbans are not only for autumn or winter, but can also be worn very well in summer; tied from lovely and colorful scarves.


After seeing a reduction in popularity, the turban was brought back in fashion in the 20th century by designer Paul Poiret and the turban style was adopted by silent film stars like Gloria Swanson. By the 1930s, the turban became a signifier for well educated women and was sported by Greta Garbo. Due to the ration of hats, scarves were very popular during the wartime. The best known turban is the one Lana Turner is wearing in 'The postman always rings twice' (last picture of the collage). The white turban is a favorite of mine for hazy summer days, and Lana pulls it off so well.

Another actress who looks absolutely dashing in a white turban is no one other than she who is dubbed 'the most beautiful woman in film' Hedy Lamarr. The still below is from her movie Lady of the Tropics (1939).

The turban is a bad-hairday-safer and very easy to tie. When you are a bit creative you can do many things with it. But even so I do not want to withhold this fragment from 1942 on how to tie a turban.

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  1. I've been headscarf-ing it up all summer, and really feel like I'm going to be headed in the turban direction this fall. I've a black vintage one for years, but have rarely worn it (no reason why). It's high time it got the love it deserves - thank you for the much needed reminder, honey.

    Big hugs & joyful weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Some time ago, i used to wear a head scarf, much like a turban. Lately, not so much.
    But, these pictures are so lovely!

    Have a great day!


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