Snoods 'n summer

August 08, 2013

I am a big fan of snoods. They are very easy when a hairdo failed or when it's windy and rainy and a snood combines very well with victory rolls. I love snoods in all kinds of colors to match summer-y frocks and all, but I never owned the color white. When I heard my friend Jip from Old fashioned at heart was knitting a snood, I told her I would've loved to have the color white. She suggested she could make me one and ofcourse she didn't had to tell me this twice. Yesterday I received this wonderfully knitted snood (she really did a good job) which she knitted in just a day! Attached on top is a white bow. I love it.

For a small fee Jip will make you one, too, in your desired color! If you want to have one made by her you can contact her at her email: or at her facebook page:

Ben and I went on a bicycle trip to Warnsveld and Almen today, which is near our hometown and I took the opportunity to make some photos for this blog with the snood!

The snood is a historically type of European headgear and was first recorded in Old English from sometime around 725. The snood was widely used in the Middle ages and continued to be used in later periods especially for women working at home. Snoods saw a revival in the Victorian era but the word 'snood' remained a European name while Americans called them simply 'hairnets'. The snood went out of fashion in 1870. These Victorian snoods were rather different than the snoods of the 1940s. The Victorian snoods were made of fine material to match the wearer's natural haircolor and were worn over styled hair.

The snood became popular again in WWII. The British government had placed strict rations on the amount of material that could be used for clothing. While headgear was not rationed, snoods were a favorite of the people along with turbans and headscarves to show one's commitment to the war effort. Snoods came in handy for women who worked with machinery and prevented their hair to get stuck in it and cause mutilations.

Women working in a factory, 1942
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  1. You're absolutely gorgeous!!!

    I love snoods. I used to have a red one, but it went missing :( Yours is beautiful, I love the white bow!

    Life of Mabel

  2. What completely beautiful B&W photographs (and new snood!) - they remind me that one of these days, I really do a shoot with the intention of converting some of all of the snaps I use from into this classic palette, too (to date, I've never done so on my blog).

    ♥ Jessica


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