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July 16, 2013

Oh, sigh, alot! I don't have much time for an enormous written blogpost so I'll leave you with some instagram photos.

Last week was a very busy one. I had to take blood samples for an upcoming gigantic physical examination I'll have to undergo in August. I am using medication for my mental health which are quite harmful for my body (oh and creativity darn it!) and because I use it more than 3 years now and because I am being treated for more than two (even three) years, they are going to examine how much damage it has done to me. I had a day filled with appointments, as I also got a second opinion on my diagnose that same day. It was a sad outcome. I am one that is fighting against stigma's in society and I think people need to be like oysters; open up! We can only get rid of stigma's if we open up and speak about our mental illness as mental illnesses are being so very misunderstood. The country that is yielded best for it - for fighting effectively against stigma's - is New Zealand. The Netherlands, unfortunately, has still so much to learn (I am even more pro 'getting rid of stigma's' after reading the book 'De Oester compagnie' of Yvonne Fleur).(For the dutchies: Samen sterk tegen Stigma !)

The coffee? Well ... in a long day where you spend most of the time in waiting rooms, coffee is very welcome! (Well ... what a start for a fresh post huh!)

Every twice a week there's market in front of our apartment. That market exists since the dark ages, isn't that wonderful? Every week Ben buys a boucquet of roses but this time double, as it was our 10 month anniversary!

He also brought home a  lovely fern. I love the deep green color of ferns. They are very, very difficult to maintain so there's a challenge for me, methinks.

We immediately went to some recycle stores to find a planter. A 1930s one ofcourse, but we came home with a champagne cooler that had the exact size of the fern. The photo doesn't do justice to either the cooler or the fern. The fern is a deep, deep green and the cooler a beautiful copper color. It's temporarily stored on a kitchen cupboard from the 1930s that still needs to be hanged in the kitchen.

Beside the planter, I also got home with an umbrella from the 1930s and gloves from the forties which match perfectly with my favorite dress from the thirties. We also bought a 1920s liquor cabinet (Gosh, it's so beautiful) but that one will be delivered tuesday next week (sadly).

It's strawberry season, so strawberries galore ofcourse!

I am a very fruit-y person, so blueberries galore, too! I love them in salads or in my breakfast yogurt with musli. Or just as quick snack in between meals.

I felt great yesterday, the sun was shining and so was my mood. I decided to have my hair Anita Louise inspired (see photo below). Not quite spot on but next time better!

This morning I received the definitive sourcebook from the 1940s. I have the 1930s equivalent of this book aswell, bought once in a bookstore in Amsterdam. These are really amazing books with loads of information. It's eyecandy galore!

Beside this all; Ben and I are doing loads of outdoor excersise, mainly through our bicycles. We love to ride through Zutphen and watch beautiful old houses and pieces of history that is so abundant in our hometown. The weather is marvelous so it needs to be exploited while it still can. Soon autumn will knock on our door again and before you know we have ended in a cold winter again!

Seems this was quite a big post after all!
Enjoy the warm summer-y days, folks!

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  1. Ik ben het helemaal met je eens!

    Ik ben zelf gediagnosticeerd met PDD NOS en ik loop tegen veel onbegrip aan. Want mensen zien het niet, en dus bestaat het blijkbaar niet.

    1. Omtrent PDD NOS bestaat inderdaad ook heel erg veel onbegrip en er wordt ook veelal de spot mee gedreven. Dat is schrijnend, want bij mensen met leukemie en kanker doe je dat ook niet! Er wordt vaak de spot gedreven met psyschische aandoeningen en dat mag nu wel een keertje over zijn!

    2. Inderdaad! Ik vind het knap dat je er zo openlijk over durft te schrijven. Iets wat ik (nog) niet zo goed kan.

      De link die je hebt geplaatst vind ik ook erg interessant, dus bedankt voor het delen!

    3. Is ook vreselijk eng! Het heeft me lang gekost dat te kunnen. En nog als ik in bepaalde buien ben praat ik er helemaal niet over en kruip ik in mijn schulp. En wil ik dat niemand het weet.

      De gedachte dat er mensen zijn die op de loer liggen om dit tegen je te gebruiken is erg beangstigend.

  2. I have several close friends that are bi-polar, so I know it can be difficult. I hope you can find a medicine that works and doesn't harm you too much

    1. That medicine would be most likely Lithium and that medication has a name for having loads of side effects. I am in a stage where I am trying to be medication free.

      Thanks for your comment! xx

    2. Good luck with finding whatever works then! :)

  3. Dear Lindsay I wish you luck with your blood test. I m future pharmacist and I know how is difficult to find good medicament to help you, but just to help you not to harm your organs. I hope all will be good.

  4. I,already commented on your blog and on facebook about mental illness (I'm Aurélie, one of your french follower on facebook :) ) I spent a month in a psychiatric hospital 2 years ago, and I'm not ashamed of it. It's a pity that people think that mental illnesses are a taboo. Mental illnesses are like other illnesses, some people have cancer, and some have mental issues.

    I'm sure that, despite your bipolar disorder, you'll have a great life :)

    Your new house seems beautiful! And you hair...! *swoon*

    Do you bleach your hair yourself?


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