The 1920s liquor cabinet

July 23, 2013

Ben and I are still searching for the perfect furniture for our perfect 1930s timewarp apartment. And if I may say so, luck is always on our side. When we search for a particular piece we almost always find what we are looking for. But it was a bit different with the mentioned liquor cabinet! We accidentally bumped into it whilst searching for chandeliers and planters. You know, just the tiny items that finish a home. We did not expect to run into a liquor cabinet ... but we did and almost did not dare to look at it's price tag! But it was only a mere €50! We immediately searched for the flaws, but there weren't any! We bought it, but had to wait a week before it was delivered ( and not even in our apartment, so we had to lift it with the two of us up the two small stairs in unbearable heat!) But it was totally worth it and I became even more convinced when it was put on it's place next to our 1902 oven.

I am totally smitten. We also had the perfect glassware to put in to it. The grandparents of Ben were gifted crystal tablewear as a dowry; in 1938! The whole set is intact. It's very pretty.

And tonight we'll be having a toast on such a good catch with a tasty glass of whiskey! 

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  1. Elegant and classy, love it!

  2. 50 EUR?! Cheap, cheaper, the Best Find! :D
    It is adorable, ynd believe it'll fit your apartment quite well.

    New place on the Blogoshpere looks nice.


  3. Oh so perfect! What a wonderful find, it looks just beautiful in your home. You both must be so happy with it! How lovely too that that lovely cystal now has a perfect little home for it now too.

    1. Yes it's absolutely lovely! I am totally smitten with it.

  4. Hij is prachtig, zeker de €50 waard!


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