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July 24, 2013

Hi all!

Everyone enjoying a nice and hot summer (with exception for my Australian readers ofcourse)? At first I was being such a nuisance because of constant complains about the weather being too hot and that I wanted it to be much cooler. As it is, living in an apartment that faces the south is practically like living in a hellfire. But then one put her shoulder to the wheel and told herself to stop whining. After all, within 16 weeks I probably scream with a mug that's frozen to the bone that I want summer back, so I decided to enjoy it while it still can albeit it with a facial expression that does not need any explanation. While I prefer not a single fabric around my body in this heat, I did actually got excited that I could finally wear summer frocks which were laying in the closet with a thick coat of dust for so long. With a cool drink next to me, and my feet in an ice cold bowl filled with water, I leafed through fashion books and magazines to inspire myself with fashion from the 1940s. I know that my readers like that kind of fashion too, so I thought I'd share it here!

P.S: This beautiful dress is coming my way! Originally 1940s (dáh!). And I also ordered ankle boots from the 1940s for upcoming winter. I always buy my winter shoes in the summer, as it's usually cheaper around this time!

© Fashion photos are courtesy of the 1940s fashion - the definitive sourcebook
© Photos of the purchases are made by their previous owners

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  1. Some gorgeous outfits here. Are the pictures from a book or a magazine?

  2. These are such lovely full color illustrations!

  3. I see you're adoring your copy of 1940s Fashion every bit as much as I am! :) Isn't it a sublime book? I know it's the kind of tome I'm going to return to time and time again over the years. Images as beautiful and inspiring as those within it deserve to be revisited periodically.

    Your new winter boots are so swoon-worthily incredible! I've been searching for years for a similar pair in my size and price range, but have yet to experience your luck. Hopefully one day!

    ♥ Jessica


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