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July 22, 2013

Hi there readers! I see some of you have followed me to my 'new blog'; good to see that! I hope that soon all my dear readers will eventually follow! I have created a stub blog which directs you from my old to my new blog. The biggest peeve was to delete bloglovin' to create a new, as bloglovin' does not allow you to switch URL names. At least not to my knowing! Otherwise a facepalm is at it's place!

A few changes have been made, of which the URL name change was the biggest. You might have noticed that the side bar also slightly changed! The social media links have been moved to the footer of this blog, as did the contact link to email me with questions, suggestions or just for a chat. I also added a new feature called 'in the media' , which can álso be found at the bottom but needs to be more updated, which will happen in the upcoming days. Also the 'about me' page got a little update but will be expanded more in the upcoming days and a new photo will be made soon!

I don't have much to tell, beside that we are boiling in our apartment here. I am still dearly in love with our windows which are 2.40 meters (7'10.5"), and that is quite large; it makes it difficult for us to find the perfect curtains that fit our interior - we would love to have dark, heavy, burgundy velvet curtains. The only downside of those beautiful windows is, that due to their age, they have single glazing and it's known that single glazing does not keep out the heat, and we noticed. However, to every downside there's also an opposite! We have window frames! That will make it beautiful Christmas windows when time's there, with fake decoration snow from the inside and from the outside réal snow that will fall on the frames! I cannot wait to see that sight!

But enough about the windows...! Yesterday we have scattered the ashes of my grandfather in a forest where he loved to stroll with his children and grandchildren. It brought up many childhood memories as I have walked in that deep and dark forest for almost every weekend! It's a forest where almost no human being took a hike. It was full of wildlife! I hope my grandfather has found his peace now!

And now it's time for me to enjoy the sun and cold drinks! Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a marvelous monday !

(Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon and started to use instaweather, too!)

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