Frolicking through Zutphen

July 19, 2013

When it's good weather and you live in a beautiful hanseatic city like we do ... why not have a stroll outside right? Well, Ben and I did and took some photos of me. Not much though! Everything in or near Zutphen is óld! Old buildings, chique mansions, and some forests and lovely streams and lakes, too. I hit one bird with two stones when walking: I need to do more excersise ánd I get to see some of Zutphen's glory. Ben and I love to stroll in the evening, when there's a cool breeze, along the Ijssel. The gentle flow of the water is very soothing and it makes me fall asleep quicker when in bed.

However, today, for the photos we were not so far from home at all. We were in the backyard of the city museum which is also very old! I am really blessed living in such a beautiful environment. It's quite a difference with my former hometown, where I grew up, and whom are striving for modernity. Let me first show you the pictures made of me and at the bottom of this post I'll show you some photo's of beautiful Zutphen. If you are ever visiting the Netherlands, Zutphen is definitely a place to go. Also for the Dutchies that just want to hang out on a terrace; plenty here!

I am wearing a coral colored 1930s dress. It's my favorite. It goes with a leaf shaped belt but left that one at home for today. My hairdo is inspired by a 1940s curly top. And because I lack hairflowers I bought a load of them which were actually too expensive but too beautiful to left behind. I am wearing two of them on the photo below.

My hair grows extremely fast and my hair needs alot of maintenance. I am ready for change and am actually seriously pondering if I should dye my hair a dark brown. I would've loved to give red a go, but that requires even more maintenance than platinum blonde. I have never had my hair brown, so I haven't the slightest idea if it would suit me. What do you guys think? Give it a go? I have bright green eyes and I think that would make a lovely combination with brown hair. When I am wearing brown eye shadow, the green really pops out so one thinks that might be the case aswell when being a brunette.

Here are the beautiful photos of historic Zutphen, all very near our home. The photos are not taken by me, but found on Google. Please claim if yours.

Houtmarkt. (Wood market) this is next to our street Groenmarkt (Green market). 

Berkelpoort. (Berkel gate)

Walburgis kerk/church

Facades (we have to walk 3 minutes to get here). It's at the end of the street.

Walburgis kerk/church in winter

Drogenaps toren/tower


Lovely, isn't it? All around the corner of our apartment!

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  1. Oh what a gorgeous, idyllic place, it must be so wonderful and relaxing to be able to go for a stroll in such surroundings. I would love to see you with dark hair, I think it would look beautiful with your complexion. And I do agree, blonde hair does require a lot of upkeep!

  2. Mooie foto's !!!
    Misschien zou bruin met een vleugje rood wel mooi staan, omdat je groene ogen hebt. Alle haar kleur is veel onderhoud ; )
    Ik ben bijna 50 en heb besloten niet meer te kleuren, ook omdat het dan niet goed gaat met mijn haar. Het valt er van uit. Ik heb al speciale kleur bij de kapper geprobeerd, maar dat lukte ook niet. Dan maar grijs ; )
    Heel veel succes met de keuze.

  3. Your town is really nice, I like all buildings. Really beautiful.

  4. Go for brown! I think it would look nice and it's just hair so even if you hated it, it can grow out or be fixed

  5. Zutphen really seems wonderful. I really can't imagine what it would be like to live in such a beautiful, magical place. I would really love to visit it one day. You must appreciate living there so much and make the best of it. You hair is looking stunning with those hair flowers, and I think you'd made a lovely brunette, and red head as well!

  6. What a picturesque, charmingly beautiful area! I so adore towns with a multitude of historical buildings like this. It's fun to get lost in a daydream of thinking about the many, many things those spots would say about their lifetimes if they could talk.

    Beautiful photographs, dear gal! It struck me recently that I don't think I've ever converted any of my outfit snaps to B&W for a post that perhaps I should one of these days. It always looks so lovely when I see other vintage bloggers do it.

    Big hugs & joyful weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  7. Is your natural shade a dark blonde? I can only warn that if you go TOO dark, the roots will be very blonde in contrast and you'll still have to dye them every week or it will look like your hair is thinning :( Did it for 6 months once, it was a pain! I loved the dark colour though and it would probably suit you really well! Love light skin and dark hair.


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