Fleamarket loot

July 07, 2013

Today, in our hometown Zutphen, there was a fleamarket being held. Ofcourse Ben and I had to check out if there was some stuff for us - having both a bit of a hangover as it was my fathers wedding yesterday and I was a witness! However, indeed there was stuff for us! Ben found two old frames from the 1930s and I found clothespins pre-1940s. The best thing I found were two workbooks dating from the 1930s aswell about trimmings and finishings and sewing patterns. It's full of selfmade patterns, notes, etcetera. It feels as if I am reading someone's diary. It was so, so cheap! Together they were 5€! That's a real steal!

It made me a happy girl!

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  1. We was also in flea markets today and we found A LOT of nice things!!!!

  2. It's great when you find something wonderful. Love the old patterns.

  3. Those workbooks are amazing finds. Hope to see more of them!

  4. Oh, ik heb ook een aantal patroontekenboeken uit de jaren 30 en 40. Echt mooie vondsten zijn dat!


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