Beauty tips and secrets of Hollywood starlets #4

Part 4. This was a very interesting research for the stars beauty tips and secrets. Ever since part 1, I was searching for the beauty secrets from one of my favorite foreign Hollywood stars: Danielle Darrieux (A rage in Paris). That was not so easy but I really wanted her in the list! After a long, long search, leaving through old newspapers, I finally found what I was looking for in a newspaper dating from 1938; the beauty secret of Danielle. I also had a hard time finding one single beauty tip from one of my favorite actresses: Anita Louise (A midsummer night's dream, Marie Antoinette), but seek and you shall find, is what I always say! So here they are! Hopefully you'll be enjoying part 4 as much as you did with the other three parts!

 Danielle Darrieux
According to many, the French actress Danielle Darrieux (pronounced Dare you) had a body that was beautiful enough to make any woman jealous. Danielle disliked any form of a diët. To keep her body beautiful and fit she made daily walks and a weekly swim. Danielle was also convinced that a girl could never be truly happy without pretty clothes. "It isn't extravagance" she insisted.

Fashionable clothes were according to Danielle as necessary as good food and lots of sunlight. She preferred beautiful clothing above personality and charm because "when a woman is dowdily dressed, she gets no chance of displaying her charm of manner for the simple reason that men, although they refuse to admit it, would not be sufficiently attracted by her appearance to give her the opportunity of proving her natural attractions were adequate without good clothes". She also said: "Women must be charmingly dressed. It is necessary to the peace of mind".

As for glamour she said "Oh that's just being healthy". She also believed in a lot of sleep.

Anita Louise
Anita had a hard time to get mature roles due to her very, very youthful look.
She had difficulties with looking older than 16 or 18. Anita's maternal grandmother always said:  If you eat what you enjoy, work enough, sleep enough and laugh enough you'll never grow old. Anita Louise undoubtedly inherited her grandmothers excellent health and high spirits.

However, Anita has a different idea as to what keeps one young. She believed it is keeping mentally and physically active and have some sort of artistic outlet. Anita: When we get away from all the little problems of living, away from the narrow view of ourselves and our surroundings, we glimpse a higher level of consciousness and look younger because we lose our sense of time.

To keep her body fit, Anita danced and play tennis alot.

Ann Sheridan
Ann Sheridan used a pore-cleansing mask made of oatmeal, shavings of a soap with an oil base and orris root for perfume. To four cups of the meal, Ann adds half a cake of the soap and one spoon full of perfume. The mixture moistened with warm water makes a quick-drying mask that Ann finds wonderful for cleansing and closing the pores and whitening the skin.

Olivia de Havilland
Olivia's number 1 beauty secret is learn to relax!
Her set pattern for relaxing is to have a cup of tea and a warm bath.
She also learned to drop right off to sleep by releasing the tension which has accumulated in her shoulders.
Olivia believed that appearance is very important and that it's good when you learn how to make something of yourself. The things you wear do not have to be expensive, but they should be chosen to look well together and to offset you.

Olivia said: "No matter how little you have to spend, you can always look fresh and neat so that your appearance will be a compliment to those around you by saying "I've tried to make myself a pleasure to your eyes".

June Haver
June Haver said that sleep is her beauty secret number 1.
Eight hours of sleep is according to her the best. She also believed that staying peaceful is a powerful beauty routine. She's also very careful with removing makeup. 

Her beauty routine: After taking off her makeup with oil she washes with a rough cloth and hot water and then splashes cold water in her face, plenty of it, to close the pores. June, being a natural blonde, says that blonde women should be extra careful with their skin, as it is thinner than a brunette's skin. She said that if a blonde neglects herself, her skin becomes dry and she looks old.

Betty Grable
Betty Grable:
“Glamour without the light from within is like a flower without perfume.”

 Jane Russell
Mascara was Jane's most important cosmetic.
Jane: when it's applied it makes everybody's eyes more attractive, and I think the eyes are the most interesting part of any face.

Jane's tip for making eyelashes looks natural: Using a brush as dry as possible. When your brush is too moist, your lashes stick together, the mascara cakes and the effect is artificial.

Her favorite beauty secret is that she gets enough sleep; nine hours otherwise she doesn't feel well.

Mary Pickford
Mary ate the petals of a rose, in believe that they would make her more beautiful.
Mary Pickford other formula was 'feel friendly to people and establish a right line of thought. She believed that misshapen thoughts reflect on the face.

Marion Davies
Marion Davies pinned her faith to plenty of soap and water; plenty of outdoor excersise, plenty of enthusiasm and interest in some particular occupation. Marion Davies: no amount of cosmetics can cover up a discontented expression.

Madge Evans
Madge has an excersise she follows for keeping her mouth flexible and relaxed. A few exercises suffice
for this purpose, which Miss Evans follows by looking in a mirror pronouncing "Ah-aeiou-a e aw-ah oh oo". This enables her to keep her mouth lovely for close up shots before the camera.

Leila Hyams
Leila keeps her eyebrows in the right line by simply combing them in an upward direction and then out in the curved, line she affects.

Dorothy Jordan
Dorothy Jordan uses a bonnet cap at night to keep her ears as close to her head as she didn't wanted them to stick out prominently. At the same time she protects her marcel wave with this little bonnet.

Greer Garson 
Greer Garson loved to rinse her hair with Californian champagne, brushed it 100 times and tied it up in a net.


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