Bicycle ride Warnsveld

June 04, 2013

It was such a sunny day that Ben and I decided to get ourselves some relaxation by taking a bike ride through nature. We came across beautiful typical dutch landscape near our hometown Zutphen; Warnsveld.
The only regret leaving Apeldoorn I have is, that I left such beautiful nature (The Veluwe) behind. I am a child of nature and you could always find me wandering through the forests since a little child with family and friends. I am not quite sure where to find the nature around Zutphen, but it's lovely exploring new places and both Ben and I did not knew the existence of this forest in Warnsveld. Definitely a place to get back to someday.

Let me show you some instagram photos.

I really love the last picture I took. It was such an enormous beautiful mansion, but it had an eerie feeling around it. I think I captured that well on the photo. Next time we'll get a little closer to the house to investigate it.

Also I must apologize for the lack of neat hair. I was so lazy last night, and tired, that I didn't felt the energy to curl it up. Headscarves are my best friend in such situations.

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  1. That last picture is absolutely hauntingly beautiful! Croft Manor comes to mind ahah :)x

  2. It is so lovely exploring a new place, and what better way to do so than on bike, and in style too! You two look the most stylish couple! Looking gorgeous in the headscarf and I really do think that you have caught the eeriness of that beautiful mansion in the last photo. I'd love to see more of it up close.


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