10 things you did not know about me!

June 10, 2013

  • I am a chilly person! I am almost always cold and I have the heater always a bit higher than most people. At home I always have blankets and cardigans within reach. Winter is a devastating season for me.
  • I suffer from a lot of homesickness. Staying over at friends from primary school, when I was little, was a no go. When I was reaaally young, I was always brought home in the middle of the night - me dramatically crying. I still suffer homesickness though! And I still have difficulties with staying over at places other than my own home.
  • It sounds weird but I don't really like being the centre of attention in real life. I love the attention online, but when I am the centre of attention in real life I always get shy!
  • I was an enormous Spice girls fan when I was very young. There was camp Backstreet boys and camp Spice girls and I belonged to the latter. I was always Emma. Ofcourse.
  • I haven't been a night out for a long time! When I was in school I did it almost every day with friends. And ofcourse I was bright and gay the next day! If I do that now, I feel like my maternal grandmother!
  • In my life I never really had real good female friends. I was a gal that thought guys were much cooler to hang out with anyway. I wasn't a tomboy, but I just never understood girls! 
  • I drink coffee, but not because it tastes so great! When I have my first sip in the morning I even shudder! I drink coffee since I was 17 and drank it because I worked nightshifts. I got addicted and get headaches when I haven't had a cup. I also have difficulties waking up due to my medication, and that's where cafeine steps in. I prefer the taste of coffee above headache! Obviously.
  • I have difficulties with crying, especially in front of others. I do not show emotions much and because of that, people think I am an ice cold bitch!
  • I have a macabre sense of humor. I am sarcastic, full of gallows humor and a healthy dose of self-deprecation.
  • I always go to bed early. Well, mostly I do! I am not much of an evening person and I love mornings. I really need enough sleep, otherwise I am a wreck. I usually wake up between 7 - 9 in the morning.

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  1. Wow, we have a lot in common. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love your blog Lindsay! It is so refreshing to see a woman dress so authentically vintage, and I absolutely LOVE the 1940's, so you are somewhat of a muse to me! I just wrote a post on our mutual obsession: 1940's platforms! Stop by sometime and say hi :)

    Cat from California :)

  3. I also am a very sensitive gal, I never liked sleepovers either and had separation anxiety when I was little. Thanks for sharing!


  4. I can't believe how similar we are! Homesickness, always cold, shy in real life... You just took my love of your blog to a whole new level <3

  5. Nice text, very sympathic!!! I love your pictures!!!

  6. This makes you even more pleasant!

  7. You gals all flatter me so much!! Why, thank you!

  8. So many lovely things you've just shared about you :) I also drink coffee yet dislike the taste, it's so bitter, I put tons of sugar in it... I still love the Spice Girls! Girl power and catchy tunes! I need hours and hours of deep sleep otherwise I look like a crack addict... however, I feel unable to go to bed before 4am :X


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