Photoshoot with a Spitfire - again.

May 19, 2013

It's not a secret that I am totally obsessed with Britains most beautiful aeroplane; the Spitfire. I have done two photoshoots with it, but unfortunately those Spitfires were replica's and have never seen any action. A long time ago photographer Reem Groot contacted me and told me that he was writing a book about historical flights and that he was going to visit the only flying Dutch RAF Spitfire in Europe which is stalled at the flight base Gilze Rijen in the Netherlands and if I wanted to model for him with the Spit. The Spitfire being my favorite aeroplane, I didn't had to think about it at all and greedily said yes. Quite some time passed by but at the beginning of this year Reem contacted me again and we set a date. That date was yesterday!

Together with his assistant Martijn, they picked me up at the trainstation in 's Hertogenbosch and with the three of us we drove to Gilze Rijen airbase. There, behind some bushes, the beautiful Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX stood there with pride, her nose fierce in the air. We got a very warm welcome by the members of the 'Koninklijke Luchtmacht Historische vlucht' members and drank a cup of coffee before we started.

It was such an experience to pose by a Spitfire that has seen action in WWII. It was also an honor to meet the pilot of the plane. As a surprise, they also told us that the Spitfire would also got up in the air when we finished our photoshoot. It was always my biggest dream to see a Spitfire in the air as I have never seen that before. When I got the chance to see them there was always something that went wrong and eventually the Spit's never got up in the air, leaving me dissapointed.

Yesterday when the Spitfire was about to take off, something went wrong (some oil leak which caused alot of smoke in the cockpit) and I saw my dream shattered again. The Spitfire got back to the flightbase, some engineers worked on it, and 1 hour and a half later he finally got into the air. That sound! It gave me chills! It's (next to the sound of a meowing cat) the most beautiful sound. He flew the Victory roll and some loops.

A rather odd self portrait but you have a small indictation of what my outfit set was.
I am wearing an RAF cap, an original old one. I felt a bit like Betty Grable in the movie 'A yank in the RAF'.

This Spitfire, to my happiness, also flies at the flight show in Oostwold upcoming monday which I will attend with Ben and my brother in law Alexander. I cannot wait to see the Spitfire in the air again!

When I get the results of the photoshoot, they'll be posted here.

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  1. Ik ben eigenlijk benieuwd naar jou kapsel, hoe die is. Zelf heb ik moeite om een kapper te vinden hier in Noorwegen die een goed 1940-style kapsel kan maken:-) Groetjes uit Noorwegen:-) Anne Lise

  2. Fantastic! So glad that your dream of seeing one fly with your own eyes finally came true!


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