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May 03, 2013

Yes, I am still alive and well! Ben and I were terribly buzy decorating our new apartment in Zutphen. And oh my, am I happy there! It's such a wonderful, wonderful place to live! The house aswell as Zutphen.

Let me show you some photos of my past weeks!

A toast on our first evening and night in the apartment. The glasses are real crystal and were a wedding gift ( the whole set ) for the grandfather and mother of Ben in 1938.

My brave cat exploring the house.

My vanity table! You can also see a little piece of our 1920s bed!

My cat feeling a bit more comfortable. All in all this moving house gave him alot of stress.

Bought some greenery to doll the apartment, which is quite white.

Here it is starting to look like something. We barely use lamps, only candlelight.

It was quiet without internet around. And I really enjoyed those moments for not being on the web, as reading gave me much satisfaction and time to think about things you do not think of while behind the computer.

Enjoying cups of coffee early in the morning when Zutphen is still in silence.

Living in Zutphen means that there are so many lovely nooks and crannies to take outfit pictures. You are surrounded by buildings from the medieval period! (We found out that our house was a bakery since 1902, hence the big kiln, but that our apartment dates back to 1330!!! But not only that, we also have the beautiful river the Ijssel streaming véry close to where we live. We just have to roll off the stairs, take a few steps to right and we are at this beautiful river.

We found a - to standards - cheap couch from the 1940s! Ánd we have a carpet which makes the whole apartment more cozy and warm. I would love to have some burgundy thick velvet curtains!

We found a beautiful old coffee table for a cheap price!

Enjoying a cup of coffee whilst listening to Helen Forrest on the radio. We have a radio from WWII with something built inside where Ben puts his old cellphone on with lovely tunes from the 30s and 40s, and the radio plays it. It's just like it's real!

We have a couple of these cute niches in our house.

This is our view in the evening. Beside the feces of a dove, we are looking at the beautiful 'Wijnhuis toren'. When there's market in front of our house, this tower plays beautiful music pieces from Bach or sometimes our national anthem now that we have a new king. Or sometimes you just hear it's bells toll or other lovely tunes. That would be something with Christmas!


We also got a new king! He was crowned on 30th of April on queensday. So here's me in my most orange outfit!

We've celebrated queensday 'till deep in the night and we have met many new people in Zutphen. Watched lovely coverbands playing; it was a hell of a day/night! This was also the last day I drank a glass of alcohol. From now on it is no alcohol for me anymore. I want to live healthier and I noticed that my body can barely handle alcohol. Yeah, I am getting a day older kids! 


May is going to be a very, very buzy month for me so I am not sure how many blog posts I will write.
The first of may I had a photoshoot for a coffee brand. I was very excited. The photographer, Medea Groothuis, also gave me a card where I can register myself at a modelling agency for more payed jobs. They search people with a specific look; in my case the nostalgic one. I have several more photoshoots this month (also in June), with the marvelous photographers Reem de Groot, Spike Bakker and Harold Dello. I have also many wonderful events to visit which are about WWII.

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  1. Oh your apartment is so beautiful, it should be photographed for a magazine! The view outside your window is especially gorgeous, what a beautiful place to live. I can't wait to see more photos! I love how you've got everything set up too, it looks very cosy indeed! It looks like your kitty loves it too :D

  2. What a lovely apartment - those windows! And such lovely furniture. I hope you are all very happy there xx

  3. I love your apartment! It's just so cozy, old (I adore the fireplace!) and stylish! I hope kitty will feel soon at home to :) And what a beautiful place... Zutphen is indeed a lovely place, with that old town centre.

    Welcome back blogging, I'm looking forward for new posts!

  4. Your new home looks just so lovely, and from the pictures it looks like I have been transported back in time just by looking at them. The new area in which you live seems like a beautiful dream. It's so nice for me to come back to the blogging world and see your posts again. You outfits are so authentic and it would be great to see some of the modelling photographs that you have coming up. You are stunning! xx

  5. Jullie appartement is heel erg mooi geworden!

    Al is internet superhandig en ik zou ook niet zo snel meer zonder kunnen. Het is af en toe heerlijk om een tijdje offline te zijn.

  6. Your appartment is so lovely!!! :D

  7. What a gorgeous home you have created! Just wonderful...need an aussie room mate? (with 4 kids and a hubby LOL)

  8. Just discovered your blog! You inspire me! I didn't realize you lived in Holland! My mom is there now visiting family while I finish my exams in the states. I miss home! tot ziens!

  9. I love your apartment! Congratulations for the new house!

  10. What a lovely lovely place! You and Ben decorated it so well! oh, I just love it!
    Hope you are very happy in it!

  11. How very lucky you are to live in such a beautiful place rich with history!

  12. What an utterly gorgeous place. You've done a great job with it. Congratulations!

  13. Your appartment is breathtaking. The view from the couch looks like it is made to just sit there and look out of the window for hours. So perfect. And the old architecture inside is wonderful as well.

  14. What a beautiful home may you be very happy there, it looks as if it suits you perfectly! Jane xx

  15. Thanks so much everyone! It's great to hear these compliments!


  16. I love the photos and your apartment looks so charming. I think the thing I miss the most about Europe is the history in the buildings. My grandparents home is over 500 years old, but of course they repaired and over the centuries have built over it but all of it is rich history and I love that. :)

  17. I just found your blog, you are soo pretty! Ciao from Italy :)

  18. You look fabulous my lovely :) And very happy in your home - it looks so cosy



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