Flightshow Oostwold

May 22, 2013

I have waited for this flightshow for a long time! I was very excited as this show was all about aeroplanes from WWII. That meant: Spitfires! The Spitfire at which I posed (and which you can read in my previous post) for my photoshoot with Reem Groot was unfortunately absent and was announced as the biggest surprise for the show. But two Spitfires from Duxford, - a mark IX (mark 9) and a Spitfire XIV (mark 19) where there, luckily. Ofcourse the IX was the most beautiful. And Lindsay was a happy girl.

I have met alot of nice people and I was recognized by many, which came a little bit as a surprise for me.
I promised an online friend -Frank Zwerver- to have a cup of coffee with them before the show began. Their photographer they brought, took some shots!

Frank is on the left. Behind them is the most amazing fighter aircracft ever: The Supermarine Spitfire IX.

With Frank and Ben.

With Harold Schreuder.


Antonov An-2

Mustang P51D 'Jumpin Jacques'

A job I would love to do: called Wing walking. Two ladies are doing gymnastics on top of the plane (The Stearmans). Yes the plane even makes loopings.
The photo's above are all made by © Anko Zwerver
Please ask permission if you want to use any of the photos.

My happy face! It was a marvelous day!

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  1. Nice pictures, it shoulkd have been a great day!
    I would love to go to this kind of events someday... We are hoping to go to Goodwood in a near future!

    1. Thank you so much! It's really worth it!

  2. What lovely photographs. I love, love, LOVE Duxford. We visit often and are there this weekend for their air show. You can't beat the sound of the marlin engine :-)
    P.S. your coat is stunning!

    1. Indeed, the merlin engine is the best sound that ever excisted!
      Thank you for your lovely compliments!

  3. Jammer dat er geen geluid bij is, ik zou graag een keer het geluid van een Spitfire horen. Toch maar een keer naar een show gaan?

    1. Het geluid, oh heerlijk! Op youtube staan heel veel filmpjes met geluid maar het haalt het niet bij het ' real life ' horen!


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