Beauty secrets and tips from Hollywood starlets #2

Due to great succes of the previous post about the beauty secrets and tips of Hollywood starlets, I decided to do a part #2 aswell and perhaps in the future a part #3, too. I really love to write about this subject as I devour beauty topics that are about Hollywood starlets. Like many of you, my readers, I like to indulge myself with beauty products and - like I told in my previous post - experiment with makeup the way they did back then.

So here we go:

Lana Turner
Lana Turner had a flawless skin and was considered by many as the ultimate pin up girl and most beautiful woman in films. Being rich and glamourous, Lana had actually very modest beauty tips.
To moisturize her skin, Lana used Nivea creme lotion along with Boraxo powdered soap as an exfoliant.
Right after she got out of the shower, Lana used the Nivea cream all over her body to keep her skin flawless and smooth.

As for makeup; Lana Turner would rather loose a good earring than to be seen without makeup.

Lana was asked to shave off her eyebrows for the film "The Adventures of Marco Polo (1938)" to get slanted eyebrows drawn on her that gave her a more Asian look. Her eyebrows never grew back. She used false stick on eyebrows for the rest of her life and her daughter Cheryl only saw her mother twice without them.

Bette Davis
Bette Davis is famous for her eyes. Kim Carnes even wrote a song about them.
To keep her eyes striking and bright, Bette Davis would put cucumber slices on her eyes during the night and slept with petroleum jelly under her eyes to keep dark circles and swelling away.

Katharine Hepburn
Katharine had a very clear skin. She concocted her own scrub.
She would mix lemon juice with sugar and scrubbed her face every night with it.
She squeezed half a lemon and add warm water and a tablespoon with lemon juice and massaged it into her skin followed up with a splash of ice-cold water. 

Maureen 'O Hara
This beautiful red-head insisted on Lux flakes care for her lingerie and clothing because it kept the colors safe.

Gloria Grahame
To give herself a sensuous pout, Gloria stuffed tissue under her upper lip.

Barbara Stanwyck
Like Marlene Dietrich, Barbara pulled loose skin back using surgical tape hidden under the hairline above her ears.

Lucille Ball

Lucille's biggest beauty secret and tip was according to her own words 'happiness'.
To perfume herself she always used sachets with everything she wore; her undies, her gloves, and hose.
After she took a bath she rubbed cologne over her body and after she got dressed she used perfume as a finishing touch.

As for her skin she learned she could not smother it with cream as she had a very sensitive skin.
She used a little bit of cream and left it for a while on her face. Before using cream and after using cream she used to steam her face. She liked the way how it opened her pores and she closed them with a splash of ice cold water.

Her biggest beauty trick is using an oil from Cuba for her lashes. It made them grow and look better. Because the oil was only available in Cuba, Lucille found a substitute: odorless castor oil.

Janet Gaynor
Janet's special beauty secret is a body massage for relaxation and to stimulate the circulation. When she was working she had one every morning, but when she wasn't working she got one twice a week.

Dolores del Rio
Dolores del Rio grew beautifully old. When many asked her for her beauty secrets she answered that she would love to share them if only she had them. But she hasn't she said. But what she did share was that she never smoked or drank and always took 9 hours of sleep. She ate in moderation but never in her life followed a diet. The only excersise Dolores did was walking.

Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor's beauty secret is lying comfortable on her back with her feet slightly higher than her head. This stimulates the circulation with as result that she felt her whole being was pepped up and refreshed.

Gloria Swanson
Gloria's best beauty secret are raw vegetables which she applied on her face and made sure she ate raw vegetables regularly. As far as she was concerned there was no better beauty product than raw vegetables.

Dinah Shore 
Dinah believed in a lot of sunshine as a beauty secret. She could be found as much in the sun as her buzy schedule let her to. It gives her a tanned outdoorsy appearance. But she would in no way sunbathe without slathering tanned lotion all over her face and body. 

Rhonda Fleming
Rhonda Fleming believed in sex-appeal as her best kept beauty secret. She found it important to keep up attractiveness to make an effort to keep her body strong and healthy. She said that it is the major part of lasting beauty in a woman.

Joan Fontaine
To stay looking youthful Joan believes that a little flesh on the bones helpes her to look fresh and young. Also does she advise not to worry much about your weight because it can make you go crazy, as a woman's weight fluctuates so much. However, she never eats a meal late at night as she believes it makes you fat unless you can dance it off after dinner. She doesn't eat when she's not hungry. She found many satisfaction in eating a cold can of asparagus or beans rather than a large meal. She seldomly eats bread or pastry, though she likes pasta occasionally. She also never drinks any liquor, just wine occasionally - champagne, sherry or red wine.

She also takes vitamin shots and pills. Sleep, relaxation and excersise are more of her beauty fortifiers.
She likes 9 or 8 hours of sleep at night and an afternoon nap. She also never stands when she can sit. But she walks to everything (lunch, shopping, theatre) if she can - miles everyday. She also used dancing as excersise. She also advices women not to look in the mirror all of the time.

Joan does not use cream but she does use plenty of witch-hazel. She also uses Lanoline on her body after every bath she takes. Joan avoids the sun as she thinks it makes your skin leathery. Loving and enjoying other people, she says, is another one of her beauty secrets of keeping youthful.

Stay tuned for part 3!


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