Photoshoot inspiration and good news.

April 04, 2013

Before I continue with some photo's of Old Hollywood that inspires me for a photoshoot when the weather will be better, I first have to tell you the good news that it is now 100% certain that the apartment in Zutphen is ours and that I will leave Apeldoorn for good. I have lived all my life in Apeldoorn and I am always anxious to take news steps in a depth I have never experienced before but I am more than willing to take the risk as I think I'll be facing a wonderful time ahead. I won't abandon my current residence for good as there are so many things that keep me bounded to it. Family, friends, and so forth. But I am tired of Apeldoorn. I have seen it all and it doesn't give me what I need: history (even though Apeldoorn is a city full of history, it is modernizing too much in my opinion. Zutphen is full of history if you imagine that my view alone is the 'Oude Wijnhuis toren' which was built before 1371! Ben and I will live in an apartment from 1902 and every old aspect is still intact. Could I wish for more? I will loose my garden facing the south and there is no bath - which I love to take every so often - but the apartment gives us other things that fit our needs.

I live in a quiet place now, so I am curious how well I will do in the centre of Zutphen. But I love to go to the market which is at our front door every thursday. This week and the next one alot of paperwork needs to be done and I had to pack my stuff actually yesterday instead of today. It's going to be a very, very hectic period. But it feels good! I am ready!

Then: in my spare free time I watched a movie many of you already (probably) know! A Midsummer Night's dream! A play originally from William Shakespeare which is believed to be written between 1590 and 1596.

I watched the movie from 1935 with one of my favorite Hollywood actresses: Anita Louise portraying Titania, queen of the fairies. I love fairytale films and my brain was already spinning a moodboard for a photoshoot as Queen Titania when I saw the glittery outfit Miss Louise wore. Isn't it darling?

Aren't these wonderful shots? 

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  1. Great news about the apartment :) I bet you can't wait to decorate it!


  2. This movie looks excellent!

    And congratulations on the new apartment!

  3. Really love the pictures! x

  4. Gorgeous photos, so dreamy!

    Just popped in to say hi from :)


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