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April 11, 2013

Ben gifted me two marcel wave clips (I would love to have more, but these are so hard to come by that I am  happy as a little kid with just a pair!) It took the mailman quite long to deliver them and I was afraid my clips would never reach my home. But a couple of days ago they were dropped on the doormat and I had to try them on immediately. What an invention! So here you see my hair done by the clips!

By the by: the packing and moving has really begun now for me. This friday all my stuff will be brought to our new apartment in Zutphen and our happy life there can begin! I won't be online much, as I won't have a computer for a short while at hand, but I will not abandon you all and will be back soon and be on the internet whenever I can! You know what I am the most excited about if it comes to decorating the house? My vanity table! I have a new vanity table from the 1930s, original, and I simply cannot wait to decorate it with all my nostalgic women beauty products from the 1930s and '40s that I collected throughout the years!
Ofcourse I'll post a picture when it's finished!

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  1. Wow! This look suits you perfectly. I also like the eyebrows on you and overall the picture looks like you just found it at a flea market.

  2. NO way. I can't believe that's you and you did that hair with just two clips; I'm amazed. You look fabulous!
    I bought a bunch of these off of Etsy and there are lots listed there for a decent price.

    1. It is me. The waves have been done with the clips, the rest of the bunch are curls. Thank you very much for your compliment!

      When I searched on Etsy, only these two were available. Must find more :-)

  3. You are so beautiful! and you look so elegant with your hair done in that way

  4. What a lovely picture and your waves look awesome made with the clips. Do you have to heat them or just clip them into wet hair? For how long do you have to keep them in to get these awesome waves?

  5. Ahh! I could hardly tell it was you! Simply gorgeous.
    Oh and, quite off topic but I can't find words to describe how I loooove your blog layout!
    Professional, classic, lovely and all.

    okay bye.

  6. Beautiful photo! Looks so very authentic! I should try to set my hair with some wave clips again.


  7. You look fantastic! As for the clips, I am amazed they are not available where you are. They come in packages of 5 at the beauty supply store here - of course, not vintage, but the same as they have ever been. I can send some to you if you like? (my e-mail is

  8. Fabulous pic - great hob with the marcel clips!

  9. What a terrific find and you look gorgeous in your new photo!


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