March 31, 2013

Yesterday it was the birthday of Ben's nephew Iggy, so we went to Enschede to attend the party, which was a very nice day. And boy does my sister in law and her husband live in a beautiful house; from the 1930s! When Ben and I were on our return we stumbled upon (what I thought was) a small store with second hand stuff and loads of antiquity. It appeared that the store wasn't small at all. It was gigantic and with gigantic I mean réally big. There was só many in there that I had no idea where to look. My eyes almost fell out of their casket because most of the stuff was my taste and would fit very well in our new apartment. But at the moment we couldn't bring anything home with us. Luckily my brother in law Alexander is a truckdriver, so moving stuff to the apartment should not be a big problem.

Anyway, I took some pictures for you to see and when in Enschede (and you like this kind of stuff) you should really pay it a visit. It was a rather creepy place as there were so many scary looking (theater) dolls looking at you from every corner. Some stuff in there were so dusted and rotten, and you could easily see that it was standing on that place for ages already.

There was alot of taxidermia in the store. I, personally, am a big lover of antique taxidermy animals and for my new apartment I would love to have a piece such as a pheasant or a fox. This store even had taxidermy alligators.

I would love to have an antique world globe in my new apartment!

Ben and I will definitely get back here. I can really scoop around here for many days! Too much to see!

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  1. How utterly wonderful. There are so many fantastic things to look at here and quite a lot I'd like in my house including a creepy doll or two.

  2. those puppets and that last maniquin freaked me out little. that dress is lush though. loving your beret and hair

  3. My heart skipped at beat when I saw those taxidermied animals. Beautiful.

  4. This place looks amazing!

  5. what a cool store.I spied alot I would buy.I could antique all day.


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