Shopping day in Amsterdam and China tv.

March 09, 2013

Last week Ben surprised me by telling me that he wanted to take me out for a shopping day in Amsterdam after all the stress I have been through and going through at the moment. Oh he knows how to make me happy! We actually wanted to go today, but we went yesterday on friday.

Luckily we chose that day, as the sun was shining bright and today it rains cats and dogs. We started at the Waterloo plein market and went on to all the vintage stores that are within reach. First I found a marvelous dress. It was hard to take a photograph of it's entire stunningness, but you can bet on it that I'll wear it often and it will be shown on my blog. I also found two hats at Episode, and those will be photographed tomorrow.

My biggest and most precious and beautiful catch were suede shoes from the 1940s, which I bought at one of the prettiest vintage stores Amsterdam has to offer: *Click to go to the website of Tut&Hola*. The ladies contacted me through my public page Vintage Rose on Facebook that they loved my blog and would love to meet me in real life. I promised that, with my next visit to Amsterdam, I would stop by. And I didn't regret that!

Look what I found there! There was so much more that I wanted to bring home with me.

Aren't they dream shoes? I have many, many 1930s and 40s shoes but ironically I never owned a pair of black pumps that don't have a peeptoe. You can imagine how I happy I am. The shoes are my size and I do fit them, though I foresee that breaking them in will be a bit of a torture.

For some reason, while Ben and I were on the route to another vintage shop, I was drawn to a book store, without my knowing exactly why. It was funny, as the véry first thing my eyes catched was this 1930s fashion sourcebook. And believe me, that bookstore had books reaching till it's high ceiling ceiling. It's an amazingly thick book with 560 pages and 600 original photo's. It was a bit pricey, but I knew I would be sorry for myself if I didn't buy it. At the moment I wanted to pay, Ben gifted it to me. I have waited long for this book!

At Laura Dolls I found this marvelous dress. It fits me perfectly and I love the detail at the waist.

It was such a great day and I am very thankful to my boyfriend that he took me out to forget my demons inside that haunt me!

Last week I received another package with beautiful 1940s suede peeptoed pumps in the mail! I simply must share those with y'all aswell!

Chinese television
Then something else! A while ago I wrote about me being filmed for Xinhua Europe and that this documentary will be broadcast in China. Well, last week it did. I only have a small part in the fragment together with Ben, as it follows the life of Mark Davids. You have to look closely ( and don't blink your eyes), as I am easily to be missed. I am wearing a snood. We are shopping, and later in the fragment you see the group (me included) posing for some photo's.

Unlike my participation for BNN - De week van Filemon without subs (still working on it), this one has English voice overs, so nobody has to puzzle what all those jibberish dutch words mean. Enjoy!

Something else on my agenda which is absolutely worth mentioning!
Spitfires are one of my biggest passion, and many are aware of that. Photographer Reem Groot knew that aswell; he contacted me last month to ask if I wanted to participate in a photoshoot at airbase Gilze-Rijen, who are the proud owners of a Spitfire. Reem is writing a book about historical flights and I am honoured that he asked me if I wanted to pose next to the Spitfire. I sure don't say no to that! We are still trying to get a WAAF uniform for me, but they are hard to come by.
I have to wait two months for this photoshoot, but I do know it's worth the waiting!

This was it for t'day! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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  1. I absolutely adooorreee the shoes! They are perfect! I'd love to go shopping with you someday, you have an nack in finding beautiful stuff!

    Unfortunately I wasn't able to watch The Week With Filemon, can I find it online (without subs is fine, I'm dutch aswell)?

    1. Hi miss, here's the link to it:

    2. Thank you hon! I watched it earlier and you and Jip are just gorgeous! I really enjoyed watching it. If you need any help translating, I'd love to help.

  2. Replies
    1. Aren't they wonderful? Just wonderful.

  3. Your shoes are to die for! I am of more modern proportions, and vintage shoes are always far, far too small for me. You're a lucky girl getting all these gifts from Ben! I have that 1930's book, a present from my mother for Christmas. You'll spend hours flicking through it.

    P x

  4. Ow what a lovely shoes. I love both of them.
    And you are really having an amazing boyfriend. That book he bought you looks sweet.
    x Jolanda.

  5. Those first shoes are amazing, they look brand new. I love the heels of older shoes. :)


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