Great haul

March 03, 2013

Today Ben and I went - again - to the fleamarket in my current residence. I always love to visit fleamarkets when a new month starts, especially in a time where spring is near; new stands with new stuff! This fleamarket had só many old stuff that we had no idea where to look first. I was stalked by a kid of the tender age 8 at the fleamarket today. When she finally had the courage, she asked for my autograph. How sweet. Many said I reminded them of a 1930s movie star, which is ofcourse the look I aim for everyday!

Ready to rock the fleamarket!

Our greatest prize is a fan which works as smooth as the skin of a baby. It is a very, very heavy thing but so beautiful. It's probably from the 1920s/30s but with an adjusted cord.

This will fit wonderful in our new home

We also found two music sheets from the 1930s and the little envelope on top of them, contains a very old hairnet, handmade from real human hair.

There it is. Very fragile.

The envelop

I also found a 1930s summer dress. The color looks spic and span, as does the lace, but in fact it is all a bit yellowed due to it's age. Don't mention my drooped hair and fingerwaves!

A lovely lamp from the 1930, still working.

And another one, also working, for on the wall.

Great haul, no?

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  1. Fantastic finds! I always love to see what you manage to find :)
    T x

  2. Mooie vondsten!

    Ik ben vandaag ook naar de vlooienmarkt geweest maar dan in Assen. Dat was ook zeker de moeite waard, want we zijn goed geslaagd!

  3. Your so lucky, no flea markets here yet. Love the lights you found.

  4. Than fan and lamp is so beautiful.


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