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March 01, 2013

My outfit of today. Here I am wearing my most prized possession. A 1940s peplum dress that I bought at the marvelous shop 'Retro & Chic' in Amsterdam. Chic it is, as this is the most expensive dress that I own. But the money was all worth it! The dress has a stunning color of blue. I thought that March 1st could use some color, hence this choice. I love olives ( and I love olive trees the most! They are just so beautiful and I am searching for a dwarf olive tree for quite a while now to keep it indoors. They are stunning. *Click to see how to keep olive trees indoors*) so the olive branches at the peplum and collar are a stunning detail! It's just a dress to die for.

Yesterday I got inspired by my own post on 'How to dress like Ginger Rogers'. Ginger loved dusty pink colors, and so do I. I have an adoration for (water)colors that are 'barely there'. I stumbled upon a 1930w dress, coral colored, with dusty pink sleeves. I thought I died. I wanted it so bad but I have to be careful with my money. But my boyfriend saw that I went completely apeshit and bought the dress for me! I am thoroughly happy!

This is the dress, coming my way if everything goes as it should! I never wanted to see the mail man as badly as now.

Photo's of the dress made by the seller.

I really cannot wait and I have my fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong!

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  1. Oh wow, what beautiful dresses! Lucky girl!

  2. Holy cow that dress is amazing! So many beautiful details and the colour is beautiful. Great purchase :)

  3. Those dresses are divine! Lucky girl!


  4. You look incredible!!! Your hair and makeup looks flawless and that shade of blue looks beautiful on you. The olive branch embroidery is such a beautiful and unique detail :)

  5. You look amazing and love that dress BUT that coral dress is what dreams are made of. Wow -can't wait to see that outfit post!

  6. Oh la la how beautiful you are. Love your dress.
    I must say that you are inspiration to me!

    I saw you are from Holland, love that country I was there last year.

  7. This dress on you is amazing! And you are such a beautiful lady, I must say you are inspiration to me.

    I saw you are from Holland, love your country, I was there last year.

  8. Oh. My. God.

    What an amazing dress!!!! <3


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