1940s platform slingback pumps

March 22, 2013

My latest purchase are, as the title says, 1940s platform slingback pumps. One of my favorite type of shoes. However, they were in not so great condition as I thought they were. A lot of leather is cracked, the soles are loose from the heel as you can see on the photo, and when I tried them on (they do fit, phew) the slingback strap broke when I took a few steps. But the damage was not that bad, so at the same day I brought the shoe to she shoemaker who fixed it well! It was just a matter of stitching the strap back. He told me that the other shoes looked steady enough and didn't need any repair (yet). I prefered he would do it, but we'll see how long that one will last while me wearing them. I have had enough situations while on the street that straps of my vintage shoes broke, and you do not want that. First of all; your divine shoes are to pieces, and second; you cannot continue walking.

Yet, I keep buying and walking on vintage shoes and when I have them I take very good care of them. I am going to repair these until they look like they are new again. They are way too pretty and definitely not given up yet!

But while talking about new and latest purchases, I must confess that I should really take my shopping behaviour to a minimum. Yesterday Ben and I have watched a potential apartment for us to live in Zutphen. When we got in I was immediately smitten. The apartment is from 1902! It has a gigantic fireplace also original from 1902. It has large, long windows with wide windowsills, it has tiny stairs to the kitchen, and another tiny stair to the bedroom and the bathroom. It also has small alcoves in the walls and I already saw in my head candles burning in those. The living room was an enormous space and the view is the old tower of Zutphen. I already imagined me sitting on those windowsills with the windows open when it is summer, watching people, with a glass of wine and a good book.

If you look closely on that photo, and you look at the left at the old apartments, you see one that is white. That is our potential apartment.

I am really crossing my fingers that it will be ours. As you can see the view is marvelous and it would really break my heart if this apartment will not become ours. The apartment even has the original wooden floor from 1902 and even the original windows. Everything is just marvelous! And I am determined to start a  new life in the historical city Zutphen. Will you, my lovely readers, cross your fingers for Ben and me also?

Me at Grand cafe Pierrot, where Ben and I always grab a drink when in Zutphen. It is our favorite cafe. This cafe also happens to be across the street from my dream apartment!

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  1. Fabulous shoes - definitely worth repairing to their original glory!

    I shall keep everything crossed that the apartment will be yours for you and Ben to make a happy home :)

    Much Love

  2. Wat een mooi paar schoenen! Ik hoop zo dat het appartement binnenkort van jullie is. Ik duim voor je :)

  3. Lovely shoes, sorry to hear that one strap broke. But thank god for the shoemakers. (I love mine)
    And how exciting this must be for you now. It sounds like such a lovely house. I hope for you and Ben that you can move into it very soon!
    Good luck!
    xx Jolanda.


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