Valentine's day in photo's

February 15, 2013

Wearing one of my newest dresses. Plus a fresh hair dye and a good hairday! Very welcome, as Ben and I would go out for dinner in our favorite restaurant called 'Bogarts', named after Humphrey Bogart as you probably guessed.

Received a beautiful Valentine bouquet at the door being sent by Ben. 
If you look good enough you can see a diamond being pinned in the leaf.

With the flowers came sweets!

Stuffed ourselves with Belgian chocolate seashells.

And then after a romantic afternoon we went to our favorite restaurant.
The bread is absolutely YUMMY!

As entree I had a beef carpaccio with parmezan, melon pits and roquette. Ben had a Oriental salad.
It was unphotographable, so let's get on with the main course. We both had a mixed grill.

And both a rice dessert with brown sugar. Very, very tasty.

Always a big smile after good dinner!

How was your Valentine's day?

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  1. My Valentine's day has been strange... Soocer match on the tv at the restaurant and a man making horrible noises while he was eating... bleah...

  2. You look so lovely and that bread looks delicious. I think I have to go bake myself something. :)

  3. What a fantastic Valentine. My husband working away at the moment so no celebration here. Sure he will make up for it.
    Enjoyed it with my children my other loves.


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