Such a nice weekend.

February 25, 2013

Like the post title says: I had such a nice weekend. Friday, together with Ben, I attended a live concert of Frank Muschalle and his trio. Mr. Muschalle is one of the most famous pianists in Europe. They came all the way from Germany to perform in Zutphen. He is a marvelous boogie woogie pianist and we enjoyed his perfomance tremendously. We bought a cd and he put his autograph on it. I haven't been standing still while they performed for one moment. I felt the dancing vibes extremely.

Here I stand in the Jazz club Zutphen. Quite a weird composition of my body, but I have a very tall beau who's taking my photographs now and then!

Last saturday we went back to Zutphen, as a shop ( called 'Malle Pietje') was having a bankruptcy sale. The shop was filled to the brim with antique and vintage. Ben and I found quite a lot for our household effects.
I name: a beautiful pendulum clock from 1912 (which I sadly cannot photograph, as my brother in law Alexander picked it up with his car alongside a few other things Ben and I found). We also found a beautiful 1930s candy dish and 6 wine glasses aswell from the 1930s. The prices were monstruously cheap.
A table full of pretty things at Malle Pietje.

A pendulum clock. Not the one Ben and I brought home with us.
I had no idea where to look! There was so much I wanted to have!

We also bought a bottle of 'Zutphens ijsselwater' to celebrate our fantastic haul with. That drink is possibly the most delicious strong beverage I have ever tasted. It has a percentage of 32 alcohol. It is made from brown rum, vanilla, caramel, citrus and spices. It is made to keep you warm and it is only sold in the Netherlands and in the winter.
The delight in our new glasses.

Last sunday Ben and I went together with my brother in law Alexander to a fleamarket in Ruurlo. Not quite a big one, and to be frank; we didn't thought that we would go home with loot. But actually, it was on the contrary! The good thing about fleamarkets in places such as Ruurlo is, that there are alot of old farms that still have all the old stuff. Such as bakelite switches, doorknobs, lamps, chairs, and so on. When the owners of the farm die, the stuff from the house will all end up 99% of the time on fleamarkets.

We found alot! I for one found a complete! vanity set from the 1930s. It is so rare to find a complete set, as mostly the comb is missing. The mirror still has it's original glass which is a unique thing aswell.  

We also found old teaspoons in their original box! Probably from the 1940s.

I aswell  found this book with world recipes for the Dutch kitchen. The book is from the 1930s.

After this lovely haul we went to Grand cafe Pierrot for a drink! Fresh mint tea was very welcomed by my throat!

Zutphen really is a marvelous city. I cannot wait to move!

I just had a splendid weekend as you see! On to the next one; as there will be a fleamarket in my own hometown upcoming sunday! Always the biggest with lovely stuff for cheap prices!

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  1. you both look amazing
    and that vanity set is to die for

  2. i absolutely adore your looks! and also the fact that you don't look pseudo-vintage like 99% of vintage-lovers but really like a person from that era :) it's awesome :)


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