New years resolutions... how about it?

February 05, 2013

Before the year 2013 settled in, I promised myself a better and healthier lifestyle. That starts with, ofcourse, healthy food and lots of exercise. I am a very lacking person if it comes to New Years resolutions, but I amazed myself that the promise to myself, to live more conscious and healthy, is going better than expected. I always loved to play the kitchen princess, and that expanded more the past two months. I love to be in the kitchen, cooking my own healthy meals, and be conscious of whát I am cooking. It also helps that my body really craves greens and fruits (I have a cucumber addiction, yes really, and I recently found out all the opportunities you can do with it. It's endless!).

The past few years I lived a hastily life due to a hectic schedule and (ok I am just gonna say it) chronic depression. I found it tiresome to cook after a looong, buzy day of photoshoots, or whatsoever, that it was so easy to grab a quick meal or order on the interwebs a pizza. Due to a social life that grew bigger last year, I was quickly drowning in tasty glasses of wine and snacks with friends. But no matter how tired I am these days; I push myself to the kitchen to cook something healthy, and it feels good when I've done it.

The one thing in particular that changed alot inside my body (and many of you have heard me shouting it out already - many times), is the famous 'Glowing Green Smoothie'. Got extra famous when Dita von Teese revealed that it is her beauty secret no.1. It's not a myth that it makes your skin healthy and glowing. Not only that, but you consume 4 kinds of dark leafy green vegetables which is, according to Kimberly Snyder, more than people get in one week and which is to no surprise very healthy. It is more than just eating your veggies. I first was scared that it would taste too spinach-y, but the sweetness of the fruits (apple, pear, banana and lemon juice) makes it bearable, and thus you start your day with two cups of a sweet, soft and creamy smoothie.

My body got used to it pretty quickly and I don't exaggerate when I say that if I cannot drink my glowing green smoothie for some reason, I get cranky. My body craves it.

For those who want to try it also, the recipe!

What you need:
- A blender ofcourse
- 2 cups of water
- 1/2 head organic spinach
- 1 head organic romaine 
- juice of 1/2 organic lemon
- 3 or 4 sticks of organic celery
- 1 organic banana
- 1 organic pear
- 1 organic apple

What you need to do:
Step one: Fill the blender with two cups of water. Blend the spinach and romaine until smooth.
Step two: Add the celery, apple, pear and blend again until smooth.
Step three: Finally, add the banana and lemon juice and do your last blend.

Et voila! The glowing green smoothie!

I am very satisfied with this new way of living. The exercise is going good aswell and I even lost some weight. It feels much better! As for alcohol; only on special occasions! For me that's a major change!

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  1. It's wonderful that you've stuck to your resolutions! I've always been a bit wary of smoothies with vegetables in them, but it doesn't sound too bad!

    Ruby xx

    1. I was wary of such smoothies, too. But you know what I thought? I am just going to try it for my health's sake! And it was sooo delicious!

  2. I really need to take after you and start doing exercise and eating better! Those were my resolutions too but it's February already and it is only this morning that I started doing exercise again...oh how bad. I need to get better! I really want to try this smoothie, it looks like it could be tasty since it has banana and apple in it :D

    1. Yes, the taste of the apple, banana and pears make the smoothie bearable to drink! Let me know when you tried it!

  3. Thank you for sharing. I'll definitely have to give this recipe a try.



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