My favorite movie: Bachelor mother, 1939

February 13, 2013

I have watched it a thousand times and I can still watch it a thousand times. This movie simply does not bore me, ever! Bachelor mother is an american comedy film directed by Garson Kanin, and starring two of my favorite actors; Ginger Rogers (in a mostly non singing and dancing role) and David Niven. The screenplay was written by Norman Krasna, based on an Academy award nominated story by Felix Jackson written for the 1935 Austrian-Hungarian film 'Little mother'. Bachelor Mother is a light-hearted story about the otherwise serious issues of child abandonement.

Ginger Rogers plays Polly Parrish who loses her job as a salesgirl at the department store of John B. Merlin and son in New York City. During her lunch break she sees a stranger leaving her baby on the doorstep of an orphanage. Polly who's fearing the baby is going to roll down the stairs picks it up as the door is opened. Polly is mistakenly thought to be the mother. David Merlin (David Niven), the playboy son of the stores owner J.B Merlin (played by Charles Coburn) has sympathies for the "unwed mother" and arranges for her to get her job back. Polly, unable to convince everyone that she is not the mother, gives up and starts raising the child.

David 's involvement with Polly gradually turns into love, but keeps the relationship a secret from his father, fearing his reaction. When New Years eve has arrived, David realises that he does not have a date. He turns to Polly. He orders clothes to be sent from the store and takes her to a party. Although David falls in love with Polly, he does not relish the idea of a 'ready made family'.

J.B Merlin finally founds out about the baby; he assumes his son is the father and no one can convince him otherwise, especially when in a bad timing Polly and David each produce a different man whom they claim as the father. In the end, David decides that he is in love with Polly and baby John and tells his father that he is the father of the baby and plans to marry Polly, all the while believing Polly is the mother of the child.

Yesterday I was rather surprised to see a package coming through the mailbox. It was the movie Bachelor Mother gifted by Ben. I am ecstatic with it. When in a downward spiral, this movie always cheers me up. I love the performance Ginger gives and the enormous amount of humor this movie contains. I can definitely say that you really have to watch this movie! I know that it is downloadable and you can also see the full movie at Youtube. Or you can order it ofcourse though it's quite hard to find and when you find it, it's quite expensive! There is also a colored version of this movie!

Thank you Ben!

The trailer:

With love,

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  1. I have to see this! I love Ginger.

    Thanks for the tip!

    P x

  2. Oh I must find a copy of this- I LOVE David Niven and of course Ginger is just perfection!

  3. I really like the story! Thanks for this post;I'll try to find it on the web...

  4. Sounds great, will have to watch it. Interesting post.

  5. I would like to commend your sharing of this movie. It's way too exciting to be overlooked, because I too have seen it and both Rogers and Niven give great performances. Thank you for spreading the word! Also, if you don't mind me saying, I think people should take notice of "Kitty Foyle" that's one for the books. lol

    1. Oh I love Kitty Foyle, and it was the movie Ginger was the most proud of. She was done acting in Fred's shadow, and she wanted to become a dramatic actress. She did very well with Kitty Foyle.

  6. I just saw the movie -- it is wonderful! The baby steals the show. WHO IS THAT BABY? No one seems to know who he is.


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