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February 28, 2013

Ginger Rogers didn't only channel class on the silverscreen; Ginger was the ultimately fashionable flapper at the tender age of 14 when she was a Texas state Charleston champion! Offscreen, Ginger showed alot of stylish outfits and class aswell. She loved fashion, especially dresses.! Dresses made her feel feminine and she loved the feeling of light chiffon swirling  around her body. Her favorite dress was the pale blue ostrich feather dress. 

That dress has quite a story! Bernard Newman was Ginger's favorite designer, and when he asked her what kind of dress she wanted for her new movie 'Top hat' with Fred Astaire; he displayed swatches of all sorts of beautiful materials like lamé, chiffon, velvet and brocade. Ginger said that she wanted a pure blue dress with no greens in it. The tone had to be harmonious. Bernard Newman found the exact watercolor blue Ginger had requested. The dress was made of formfitting satin encircled by osterich feathers, lots of them! Ginger loved it but Fred Astaire, the director Mark Sandrich, and almost anybody involved with the movie did not like the dress. They made such a fuzz about it that even Ginger's mother Lela got involved. That Fred didn't liked the dress was the root of the problem. Ginger wanted to wear the dress so badly that she gave them a choice: It's either that dress or I go home. Ginger got green light to rehearse in the dress once. While reheasing, Fred -muttering to himself- plucked off some fluttering feathers off his tailcoat. Ginger was still convinced that the dress moved beautifully while dancing. She was sad that the rest of them did not shared the opinion that the dress would add to the number. A day later when she appeared to watch the rushes she was greeted by a cold silence. Everybody in the room ignored Ginger. No one spoke to her. But when she saw her dress in motion, she was happy and pleased. When she returned home she got a plain small white box with a tailored bow.. In it was a note from Fred  saying simply: Feathers! I love ya! Fred. Underneath the cotton layer was a gold feather for her charm bracelet. Ginger won and the dress was worn (beautifully) in Top Hat! Her love for osterich feathers was born ans she would wear them often, even when she was in her 70s!

Ginger was often seen in a white blouse with A-lined skirts aswell. 
When searching for the kind of clothing Ginger wore; look for these kind of pieces.
This was also the foretaste of winter fashion, 1935.

A trim street outfit with a swaggering striped cape. The outfit is made of Indigo blue wool. The cape is attached to a sleeveless jacket which buckles on with a belt of the frock material and is of striped reversible wool which is used to contrast effectively with the revers of the frock itself. A blue hat with a wayward veil is being worn, aswell as blue accessories.

On 3 and 4 you see a white starched chiffon gown, showered with silver sequins and demands the wearing of three underslips! (It's the flouncy 'frou-frou' that adds to this gown's charm). The peplum effect at the waist  and the 'turn-ups' to those short sleeves, give an effective two-piece look to this all in one gown.

This gown with the color dusty pink is lace threaded through with silver is very simple of style and fitting close to the hips is gored for fullness. It has a low decolletage with frill to soften the outline. There's a finger tip length coat of lace to go atop, with an elbow cape, and both the frock and cape are decorated with silver lamé from which the narrow shoulder straps are also made.

On picture 7 Ginger shows a Chinese coat. It's made from metal-shot taffeta, printed in white, henna, steel, black, beige and dusty pink. Altogether it makes the coat a glowing glory for shiney dusty pink satin trousers. 
By night, Ginger goes more feminine by wearing a lovely négligée on picture 8. It is coffee tinted sating with a ruffle of brown net tying at the throat. The sleeves have a medieval air thanks to the three pleats. The high fitted waistline and the flowing train complete a very gracious effect.

Her hair in films was almost never the same. But as daily wear she preferred the pageboy hairdo which was, in her opinion, an easy do( I have a different opinion!). Ginger Rogers had the dark brown hair as the color of henna, but had her hair dyed blonde in 1933 after her movie 'Gold Diggers', which got her mother furieus and Ginger herself aswell, but later started to like it when she got used to it. She only got once back to brunette for the movie Kitty Foyle as she thought that that would make her look more serious for the role as Kitty. It's a must-see movie by the way! I loved it!

Ginger also loved the hairstyle that was combed backwards with waves in them and a center part with a bunch of curls in the back, tressed, or an updo.

Ginger used alot of make up, especially when filming. Ginger suffered from a lot of peach fuzz on her face which made it difficult to light her face. Ginger was very insecure about it (who wouldn't be?) and Judy Garland made it even worse when she was replaced by Ginger in the movie 'The Barkeleys of Broadway'. Judy sent Ginger a large shaving mug with the words 'Good luck' on them. Ginger, who thought it was a nice present when she hadn't opened it yet, bursted into tears and retreated into her dressing room. 

Ginger was a blue wide eyed beauty, and she emphasized that by extending her false lashes far out.
Ginger also used alot of natural colors as eye make up, and she used nude eyeshadow all the way up to her eyebrows. Underneath her eyebrows she used a highlight nude color. Ginger was warm toned, so she used a brown for eyeshadow on the eyelids and winged it out a little bit. For her cheeks she used a peachy blush right along the cheekbones. Ginger usually used a very dark lipstick and she over emphasized her lips.

I hope to make the 'How to dress like' a new feature of my blog. Usually I am not so up to date with features, but let me give it a try!

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  1. LOVE outfit #2 (ginger's casual and day ensembles are my favourites!)

  2. I really enjoyed reading all about Ginger's style. Thank you.

  3. This was really interesting, would make a great regular feature.

  4. Love this - she is adorable and just so stylish.


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