Happy Valentine's day!

February 14, 2013

♡ For love is still the lord of all! 

Anything special you are going to do on this day? A date perhaps? Cook a nice meal for your lover?
Or nothing? Ben and I will go out for dinner! In our favorite restaurant. Yummy!

Have a nice Valentine's day!

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  1. Happy Valentine's day!
    My husband and I are gong out for dinner, too. And for lunch I will surprice him with just a little candle on the table and a romantic gift (a keychain with a photo of us from our wedding)... I hope he will appreceate...

  2. Have a fantastic evening. My husband is away working at the moment, but I had a really sweet text from him this morning.
    I know he will make up for it when he gets back. Happy Valentine.


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