Fleamarket loot

February 03, 2013

This weekend has been a weekend filled to the brim with vintage shopping loot.
Yesterday, Ben, Jip, Mark and I had television recordings in Amsterdam for Xinhua Europe television, which will become a reportage. They follow Mark Davids' life and yesterday he made the final part (I believe!) and it was about vintage shopping! Ben and I were in Amsterdam early, so without the camera's we went for shopping already and I found me three 1940s dresses, two at Episode and one at Retro Chic (the last dress made my wallet empty, but it's so worth it! So beautiful! Ben finally found an original three piece 1930s suit that fits him at a shop I forgot the name of! Ben is a tall guy, and men back then were mostly very tiny. He was ecstatic that it fitted! While the camera was rollin', I found a brown suede dress with a white flower laced collar at Wini's. And when we were done recording we sat down at a brown cafe for a nice drinkto top off a successful day ( for me always a Chardonnay). But more about those pursuits tomorrow! It's rather dark now, and I do not have enough light to photograph my beautiful pursuits from yesterday! A lot of people put me into blushing yesterday, as a couple of people on the street recognized me as the nostalgist that appeared in BNN last week! I felt like a famous movie star.

And being recognized continued at the fleamarket Ben and I went to today! We got great compliments and many people asked to take a photo of us, ánd also got some new adresses for vintage (keep your connections on fleamarkets close!). A couple recognized me from the television and one old guy told me I look like Patty Andrews ( I don't see it at all), who recently passed away!

We came home again with loot! This time it are things to doll up our upcoming home in Zutphen with. Nope, this time no hats, shoes or dresses for me! But practical things!

Utensils from the 1930s in their original box. The forks didn't had a box.

Glass 1930s drink coasters, also in their original box.

We also found the card game patience, this one comes also from either the 1920s or 1930s.

Again, in it's original box.

A pastry tin from the 1930s. The seller told us it came from a very old French castle and she confisquated it herself. Last friday I tried to bake a custard pie, and all was good, except my pastry tin. It had a leak and all the custard seeped away! Hence this very old pastry tin for future custard pies in the make!

We also bought three fresh 'Friese turfgerookte worsten' (trans: Friese smoked sausages) which is a nice treat with a drink or in mustard soup. We've had a sample bit and it was delicious! My cat thinks the same, by the way!

Anyway, it's cooking time and tomorrow more about the shopping in Amsterdam!

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