Another photo by Harold Dello

February 01, 2013

Hello all,
Yesterday I received a message from photographer Harold Dello with yet another result of our glamorous 1930s photoshoot, inspired by the masterpieces of George Hurrell. I am very satisfied with what arrived in my mailbox. Usually I am very critical on and about myself, but none of that with these photos.

Luckily the results áre (in my humble opinion) great, because I had a terrible train travel to Maastricht - the place where Harold lives. It takes one 3 hours back and forth, but on the return trip someone was suicidal and jumped in front of the train, which gave us a delay of 5 hours. In the very coldness.

I am waiting for two more results to come, and I can hardly wait!
Tomorrow I'll be in Amsterdam for television recordings for Xinhua Europe television, which will be broadcast in China and other parts of the world; perhaps even the Netherlands! And while we are in Amsterdam; Ben and I will do some vintage shopping first!

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  1. Amazing picture, it's very difficult to make a picture look like a real vintage photo, and this one does look like that for sure, well done!

    1. Thanks alot lovely lady! Your comment made my day!

  2. You look absolutely stunning! Beautiful photo.

  3. Your photos always look so authentic! You definitely have the 1930s look!



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