A new step in one's life.

February 16, 2013

Dress found in Amsterdam at Episode.
Hat won from Ebay. Both originally 1940s.

First and foremost I must excuse myself that almost any of the photo's made of or by me recently, are made with my phone. My camera is dying and I am saving hard for a new one. A professional one, as the photographers side of me often pops up and it's itching. I would like to be the one behind the camera for once, instead of always the one in front. I want to capture the world how I see it.

This photo above has been taken in Zutphen in a nice cozy lunchroom. For me it's time to set a new step in my life; get a new place to live. This won't be in my current residence - Apeldoorn. I have lived all my life in Apeldoorn and it's time for something new. I am totally done with Apeldoorn. Too many bad memories. Too many faces I don't want to see anymore, or just... well let's just say I am bored with it. I have seen it all. And besides; most of my friends don't live there anymore. I have always loved Zutphen and Ben works there, so the choice was easily made where we would settle down. Zutphen is a very historical city with many old buildings. When one is in Zutphen, she's taken back in time immediately ( banning out all the modern dressed people out of my mind ofcourse). So ... Ben and I were on a house hunt in Zutphen today!

Zutphen 1930

Ben and I do have a house on the eye, and I am getting really excited. The house we really want is an old farmhouse. Three rooms, an open kitchen and it has all the old facets we look for in a house. Beside househunting, we also went to the recyle stores where we found a couple of practical things from our favorite era for our upcoming house. Such as a toilet roll holder from the 1930s. Very rare and such a good find! We also found book holders, and we have two beautiful chairs coming our way. Can you imagine how excited I am?

Zutphen in the 1930s.

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  1. congratulations for the new house!!!!!! I imagine how exited you are...I was so exited too when my husband and I had to searc our new house two months ago...good luck!

  2. Well, regardles of the iPhone, the picture is still beautiful...!
    Best wishes regarding a new house!

  3. I'm SOOOOOO excited and happy for you!!!! Good luck finding your perfect love nest :D

  4. How exciting! Good luck moving forward.

  5. Finding a new home is so exciting!!!!
    My husband and I needed 1 year to find the perfect place to create our vintage heaven.
    Buying a house is much more difficult than renting one...
    I'm pretty sure you will have a lot of fun to decorate it in a 40's style!!!

  6. You look lovely, I adore your hat - I have an addiction to hats - especially 1940s ones :)


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