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January 13, 2013

Yours truly has been very busy this week! Last saturday I attended the New Years toast of Club Interbellum, which was given at the Open Air museum in Arnhem. A huge amount of people showed up; all very beautifully dressed. These photo's will follow soon!

Today I had, for the third time, a photoshoot with one of my favorite pin up photographers: Martin Philippo. It's always a blast to work with him and one is always satisfied with the results. I don't do pin up photoshoots very often these days, but oh I still love it. It's where my career as a vintage model began years ago. It reminds me of ye olden days alot.

The train travel to the hometown where Martin lives did not went so flexible as the photoshoot itself.
The public transit in the Netherlands is a disaster and I did not expect anything else than delay! And delay we had. Our railroad engineer mysteriously disappeared which gave us a delay of ... one hour! And oh, it was so cold! But the photoshoot made everything alright!

Martin sent me one result already, which I wanted to share with you immediately.

The dress is originally 1940s.
My shoes are 1940s aswell from the brand DeLiso Debs.
My suspender girdle is from What Katie Did,
And my stockings are 1940s reproduction stockings with a seam from Cervin.

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  1. You look like a million bucks, muffin! It was time well spent :)

  2. Mooi! Ik ben benieuwd naar de andere foto's!

    1. Dankjewel! Ik ben zelf ook erg benieuwd. Deze week krijg ik ze toegestuurd.

  3. Lovely photos Lindsay - the dress is divine!

    -- Laurie (

    1. Yes it is, I absolutely love it!


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