New Years toast Club Interbellum & Swingstyle.

January 14, 2013

On the 12th of january I had a New Years toast with Club Interbellum and our German friends from at the open air museum in Arnhem, the Netherlands. I looked forward to this from the moment the event was set. It feels like coming home seeing all those well dressed ladies and gent's. It was terribly cold but totally worth it! We were with a group of almost 40 people. It felt great walking at the museum with old houses and streets. We bought food at an old bakery, ate poffertjes ( A traditional Dutch batter treat, resembling small fluffy pancakes ), and brought out a toast with Glühwein ( I had more than one cup ... sssst! ). We also went to a beer tasting ( all at the museum ), to taste a small cup of 't Goeye Goet - a winter beer which was absolutely very welcomed by my throat. Ben and I brought a rather large authentic looking bottle home with us.

Here are some photo's to see. Not all in very good quality, but the poor people's hands where shaking due to coldness.

You can see me standing next to Birthe on the left photo. Ben behind me.
Photo's above made by Herman van den Bossche.
Edit: Herman van den Bossche.

The beer tasting 'De Roskam'.

Us at the beer tasting 'De Roskam'. (I am wearing my new hat!)

Us peeking through the window of a haunted house. 
Nah I am kidding, it's a 1970s house displayed, and it gave us goosebumps.
You can see me on my back talking to my friend Jip.

Ben, me, Gunna and Mark.

With Glühwein

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  1. What great pics. You do not look cold. Hid it well.

  2. Really nice pictures with cold weather & cozy company...


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