January 29, 2013

Somehow I felt the need to re-design a lot of things. As you can see I have slightly changed the lay out of this blog aswell. It is not really finished yet, for example: the 'about me' page is desperately in need for a change, so pardon me for that! I added links to websites on the net where I am at beside blogger. I have also changed my personal website, and that link is to be found in the side tab. Please do take a look; I am rather pleased with it. I hope you all like it and that it is an accesible home page. I have updated it with my most recent photos.

Today is an exciting day. Today it will be my first television debut. Jip, who also participated in the interview, is coming over this evening so we can watch it together. Being nervous together is much easier than being nervous all alone. It will be broadcasted today ar 21.50 European time on the channel 'Nederland 3'.

That's all!

Have a lovely day folks!

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  1. Het nieuwe design is erg stijlvol, mooi lettertype.

  2. Good luck on tv! The new design looks great.


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