Great news.

January 15, 2013

The road to fame is approachable more than ever! I received great compliments on my interview in Viva magazine. It was an enjoyable experience to do! But that is not the only thing! I will be on television soon, too! Together with my friends Jip, Mark and my beloved Ben, I will be filmed for a documentary that will be broadcast in China and goes all over the world. I am also approached by BNN. It's great! It seems that the year 2013 has more in store for me than all the years before. But I have worked hard for it! World: here I come!

When I did the photoshoot for Viva magazine, the photographer was ecstatic about the way my love and me looked. He asked if he could take some pictures of us together. Those weren't, ofcourse, published in the Viva, but it's nice to have some swell photo's of Ben and me, just as an addition to my modelling portfolio. He sent me last night some previews and will be sending the rest of it later this week. I am excited, cannot wait to receive them in my mailbox!

© Wout Jan Balhuizen.
Location: Utrech, the Netherlands.

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  1. Lovely pictures!!!! I always don't know what to do when I'm contacted for an interview, I cannot decide if I'm happy or if I want to hide... We was in 3 magazines, 1 book and many times in local news paper... that's a bit too much for me, but my husband like to be published, so it will probably be more for 2013...

    1. In the beginning it is scary as hell! So far I only did photoshoots and interviews, but I have never been on television. This would be the first time. I am rather insecure, so I know the feeling!

  2. That's wonderful, I'm so happy for you! You look so beautiful! You and your love make a wonderful couple! I love everything about your outfit!

  3. Wow!Congratulations!!
    And you two look so beautiful together...

  4. Geweldig nieuws! Je hebt het verdiend!

  5. Dat is geweldig nieuws, gefeliciteerd! Je hebt het dan ook dubbel en dwars verdiend. En jullie zijn inderdaad een mooi stel.


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