Stage door Canteen Tilburg

November 02, 2012

A couple of pictures while I was at the Stage door canteen in Tilburg. It was a marvelous and energetic evening. Ben and I booked a hotel so we could stay the whole evening! I even bought some dresses, too!

I am standing in the front row underneath the second 'o' of the Stage door canteen banner.

Ben, Robert, Imme & me. Robert and Imme are two guys Ben knows from re-enactment.
( I am not sure what Robert is thinking while looking at me, and I do not want to know what Imme thinks while looking at Ben! Haha! )

Grouping up for a photo (not even everyone is on it!)

Standing in a circle. Everyone had to run in the circle - everyone to the right. Girls inside facing the boys and when the music stop you dance with the boy or girl in front of you. If you look closely you see me standing in the front facing Ben. Unfortunatly we did not end up dancing with eachother but with other persons.

Wearing a red poppy as it was the 68th liberation day of Tilburg.

With fresh pursuits. Ben holding my bag - very charming.

Ready to dance

The one who made us happy with pretty music

All of us sang Mairzy Doats and dozy doats! Lovely song which gets stuck in your head for years. Can you sing it? I can without stumbling!
(On the photo Paul de Weerd and hostess Deborah van den Dobbelsteen )

And here a video Herman van den Bossche made. I am dancing somewhere, but it's hard to spot me due to the darkness.

You can see me dancing with Ben at 11.27 minute on the left side of the video ( the white cuff is my boyfriend's, and later on you see us a little bit better, especially my hair! )

As you can see: lots of fun, dancing, singing and games. Just like a party was in the forties!

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  1. All people seem to had fun and their looks are just perfect!You must have spent a nice moment.
    I remember that I went to a 40's WWI candle lights party many years ago in Germany, it was just perfect!

  2. Zijn jou al die 'orbs' opgevallen op sommige foto's? Dat geeft te denken he. Verder lijken het me een hele gezellige club mensen!

  3. A man who holds your bag is a man to keep indeed! Looks like you had a marvelous time!

  4. Dat ziet er zeker gezellig uit!


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