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November 06, 2012

Last sunday I went to the fleamarket with Ben and couple of friends of us. The day began quite a bit stressful, I admit. Ben and I had to get up in the morning early, as the time we would meet Jip and Rolf would be 12 o'clock. Rolf would pick Ben and me up from my house and then we would pick up Jip who has to come from Ahaus, Germany. Rolf texted us with an apology that he would arrive 50 minutes later. He fell of the stairs. In all hurry, Ben and I grabbed a bike and drove off to the station for Jip, as I remembered none of us had her telephone number, thus none of us could let her know that we would be 50 minutes later. But when we arrived we couldn't find Jip either. Ben and I waited in front of the building where the fleamarket was held. We waited, and we waited. Exact 50 minutes later Rolf arrived in his blue 1974 beetle. What a darling car!

Jip was still nowhere to find. On internet we contacted her best friend and she gave us Jip her number. When we called Jip, she didn't answered her phone and I was starting to worry quite alot. With the three of us we drove to central station in the blue beetle and there we heard that there was a delay with the trains due to a suicide. It was the train Jip was in. She still didn't picked up her phone, so we decided to go to the fleamarket with all hopes she would pick up her phone later. While I was at the check desk our names were called up by the information desk and it seemed that Jip was already inside. We were standing with the backs at eachother. Luckily everything came to a good end and we had such a lovely day at the fleamarket. We got so many compliments from people. We were quite a show I noticed with all four of us being dressed up as if we stepped out of a movie. The fleamarket was immense and had so many lovely stalls with old stuff.

I was on the look out for interior stuff aswell, as Ben and I are looking for a 1930s home to live in.

But .. as usual this is what I came home with - women's stuff:

A very old ( say, 1920s early 1930s ) handbag. It belonged to the mother of the mother of the seller (Got it?). I have to be careful with it, it's quite fragile.

1930s coin purse. This will be my wallet from now on. It has the perfect size for my debit card, identification card, public transit card, business cards and - ofcourse - money.

And this lovely, lovely peacock brooch from the thirties. The color faded a bit on the photo, but the darker parts are beautiful emerald green and this brooch looks divine on a dress I recently bought from Jip (she reacts highly allergic to the wool from the dress.).

This is the dress by the way:
From the 1930s.

Rolf brought Jip and me a lovely present. Rolf gifted me a box from the forties, which is now a storage box for my vintage written cards and autograph photo's, Jip was gifted an old booklet about sewing.

On a different note: I had the interview with Viva magazine. I will be in the issue of January instead of the November issue. I am quite curious how it turns out!

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  1. I love that first handbag and you look stunning in that dress. You find some truly beautiful things :o)

    1. I was quite apalled myself by the immense amount of vintage and antiquities there! I was in heaven!

  2. Mooie aankopen! Naar welke vlooienmarkt zijn jullie geweest?

    1. In mijn woonplaats: Apeldoorn. Is er 1x per maand in de Americahal.

  3. It's always so fun to go to flea markets, you never know what you will find.... It's sad that weather is so bad lately, it's not the best season for flea markets!
    Nice dress by the way...

    1. This one, luckily, is always being held under a roof! It was pouring with rain last sunday! But I had no idea while thrifting!

  4. Wonderful finds! I'm enamoured by the peacock brooch, it's just stunning! And you look fab in that 40s dress :)

  5. Oh you beautiful one! I love reading about you and your vintage friends, you are such a gorgeous group of people :) Good luck to you and Ben on finding that perfect 30s home!

  6. My dear, you look smashingly lovely! I adore every element of your ensemble, as well as all the "new" treasures you found.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Lucky you found Jip after all that stress.....
    Great finds! Love the handbag.
    Looking forward to the Viva. :)


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