New old shoes and a stroll

November 28, 2012

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Yesterday evening one of my biggest obsession arrived in the mail; new vintage shoes. Last week I bought snakeskinned pumps on Marktplaats and couldn't wait till they would arrive at my house. Ironically enough, I didn't knew that these shoes belonged to someone I know from the internet! It was the lovely Jolanda, who shares the same passion as me. Unfortunatly ( but fortunatly for me) the shoes were too big for her.

The shoes fit me perfectly and are so easy to combine with a snakeskinned bag I have for quite a while now.
The weather was so lovely today; the sun shines, the air is blue with here and there a small cloud, twittering birds and no wind. It wasn't cold at all. So I took my new shoes out for a walk!

Everything I wear is original.
My coat with astrakhan collar is from the late 1930s and my hat is from the 1940s.
The purse is also from the 1940s and the shoes aswell. My stockings are also 1940s but I should be really careful with them, as I noticed they are almost at the end of their rope.

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  1. Wow, sooooo lovely shoes!!!! ;-)

    1. Yes, they are absolutely lovely.

  2. Ow, I am so happy that they fit you and that you like them. They look so good on you. Better then they did on me. :(
    And thank you for your sweet words.
    You are one off the sweetest vintage lady's that I know. I hope you have a wonderfull evening. x

  3. They are absolutely beautiful shoes. Total shoe envy here.

  4. You look absolutely lovely! I would be interested to know how you care for your incredible vintage garments -- I am sure you cannot just throw them all into the washing machine like we do with jeans and t-shirts. Do you have any special ways of washing them? Do you wash everything by hand and air-dry them?

    Glad to hear you are having such lovely weather. Here is South Africa it is HOT! xxx

    1. Hi Jerusha,

      Thanks for your lovely compliment. I do wash my garments by hand in a sink and let them dry by hanging. With most fabrics I have to pull it down, as some fabrics have the nasty habit to shrink.

      For washing my stockings: I recently wrote a tutorial on how I wash them.


  5. Lovely.

    Miss Stacy Blaise

  6. oh those shoes! they are so darling!

    love jaimee


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