How to wash your stockings

November 15, 2012

Most of the time I am wearing originally forties or fifties stockings. I want to be as careful with them as I can. Also with my forties reproduction stockings, as they are rather expensive. I am very clumsy with stockings, as I always manage, somehow, to get a tear in them. Not only me but the laundry machine is also good at that. And not wash them is also not an option. So what else can you do?!

In the forties and fifties it was very common to wash your stockings in a jar.

What do you need?
 A big glass jar with a lid
 Laundry detergent

What do you need to do?

Fill the jar with water.

 Get the stockings and fold them gently.

First add some laundry detergent and then put the stockings in a jar. And shake!

As you can see the water is pretty dirty.

Then take the stockings out, throw away the dirty water and fill it with fresh, new water. Put the stockings back in and shake until they are not soapy anymore.

Take them out and leave them hanging to dry.

And when they are dry, they are ready to be worn again!

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  1. I love wearing stockings but they always seem to fall down, what tips and tricks would recommend to help them stay up? xx

    1. Hi Eleanor,
      Unfortunatly I suffer from the same problem. What might help is a step in with 6 jarretels. Three at each leg for more security! The branch 'What Katie did' sells them!

      By the way, I just followed you on Blogspot, I love it!

    2. Oh yes, I've seen them before! I love 'What Katie Did' so i will have a look at some.

      Thank you so much! your blog is one of my favorites!


  2. Usually I´m washing my stockings in a bowl, but I´ll try the glass jar method the next time!

    1. A bowl is not a bad idea either! But the reason why I am using a jar is because you can shake it. Kind of a tiny laundy machine idea! xx.

  3. Thank you for this wonderful Idea. Usually I wash mine by hand with warm, soapy water. But I am always afraid to tear them with my fingernails. This is a much safer way to wash them. I will try this next time instead. Lovely and helpful post. Thank you Darling.

    1. I am glad I could be of help! Let me know how it went! X.

  4. What a marvelous idea! Thank you for sharing, Lindsay.

    1. Don't mention it! It is my pleasure!

  5. Lovely tutorial! I would have never thought to use a jar! Brilliant!


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